Olympia Sunshine Life

I wore monochrome
Since it was grey outside
Until I found red sunglasses

Breaking down the walls
That cast long shadows
Through the streets
And down the beat
Paths struck by shoes
That cracked at the arch

Eating bagels and having
Breve before Bower’s Books
Comes into view
Around another corner
A vertical horizon cutting
Through past and present

Each new concrete building
Wrapped in festive paper
To be violently torn asunder
As you might pry open a
Christmas present

With the eagerness of anticipation
Destroying the aesthetic
To get to the present below

Which is the past in a new bow

Something dirty and dangerous
Stuck in the mud, degenerate
But beautiful as the days
Ago by half a decade
As we read novels of novelty
And sing songs of this victory

It was the tearing of the paper
That shattered the morning calm

The birds sat upon telecom lines
Scattered and flew idyllic as doves
When disturbed by thunder
Or the threat of a predator
And knowing that the genuis was in
Living to fly another day

Flocks of doves cast shadows on asphalt

Past the homeless man with his head
Between his knees, rocking back and forth
And very deliberately breathing

We walk past him and into a thrift store
That is built from the goodwill of
Those who grow out of clothing or
Associate with favorite shirts
Now-awful memories, laundered of stains
Before arriving in black garbage bags

Sunshine dashes through the lake
And onwards to the marble buildings
Each a hundred years old
And each has a strong hold
On the law of man and each obey
What they have laid

Sunlights cut through marble
So that we can rewrite rules

And so that we can window shop
Over all the wonderful jewels
Money can buy in downtown Olympia

Yet what it can’t hold a candle
Is the experience of being
Out with three friends with a city
For the seemingly taking from the
Temple of justice to the water front

So I thank the three friends
Who invited me along
And the woman who asked if we
Were looking for a vacant booth
When all that was on mind
Was a dusty, dank pizza parlor

Somewhere off of Franklin and 4th,
Though about locations we weren’t
Really sure about much apart
From where we had all parked

There, I worried quietly about
Who offerred to cover half
A shift for me,
For today,
All in the good name
Of making memories

And the hookah set passed
Early in the day at
Vendetta Vape

That was after noon
After we brought light to
Rainy Day Records
And read the covers
From rock to rap
And pop in between

There was a spectre vanquished
That no one had seen
Something dreadful
That had hung over me
But it was only a spectre,
Now maybe a dream

Digital film strips
On SD cards that only I
Know how to develop

We look from hoods, beanies,
And extravagant sunhats,
Dresses, tights, jeans,
And red sunglasses at a place
Aswathe in sun
Yet same as the realm
I saw some nights
Long ago

It was that day
In sunshine, bathed
That we punched new meanings
In marble
And made one day in the city
Give way

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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