Diffraction Spikes – Journal 4/14/18

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the acquisition of a Canon 100D, the Rebel SL1. With this comes new worlds of A/V productions. Suddenly I can do things I’ve been wanting to for years. A 2K video package in a DSLR body. I even already have the lenses for it that would be most useful.

FOUND OUT WHY PEOPLE BUY BETTER LENSES: the motor on my telephoto lens is LOUd as hell. So probably won’t use that outside of manual focus if I find myself filming with it. But I do already have the fixed 24mm macro lens that will be most useful with its much quieter motor. Now I need to grab a shotgun microphone and possibly even a cage for the thing. This has gotten real interesting this year.

Still on the list is to go to a SLAM event, only to be done once I get a shotgun mic for the SL1. That way we can gonzo-style document the whole night. I think that poetry is only a tool in the journey through any given day. It’s a great thing, but is it ever really the focal point? I’ve been wondering that for a few days.

It’s all about the experience. But the reality is made afterwards.

Funny, then, that I strive away from poems and more towards the video end of things. Wanting to capture exact images of the things I see and experience. Poetry is meant to be the grand interpretation of all of this stuff, but Monarchs now reign in its place. For now, at least.

With that, things around the station have somewhat simmered. Normalized, I could call it, but nothing is ever normal anymore. Not with Monarchs and video and audio and poems and photographs all out to be picked apart.

I’m more concerned with drawing and videography than other stuff.

Which is good! I think. Those kind of skills will pay the bills a lot better than poetry will. The market is where you make it and I’m going to need everything I’ve got to be able to kick off Year V with a bang.

IF THAT MEANS coming up with a plan to produce season 1 of Days of Reality City until then, so be it. I know I can produce those now. But Monarch stuff, and video stuff, is a little different. That requires more power and know-how. I ALSO hate the sound of my own voice and that makes editing those really difficult for me.

It’s with the ease of video that I’m allured to. It’s less meticulous, it seems, and having a good camera now opens up worlds of stuff to do. As aerial stuff is now a thing, so too are dual-camera works utilizing this thing. I REALLY need to get a shotgun mic to make it viable, though.

BUUUUUT if I… say… wanted to film something in my bedroom with the addition of a Yeti microphone along the lines of making fun of advertisements or something like that… I could. Look at that. Suddenly there’s something I can do.

Life has been decently overwhelming. At least now I can document it as it trudges along.

All the while I’ll be consuming what I’m doing. What’s that, you might ask? Why, I’ll be consuming reality!

Radio Reality City!



Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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