“I feel like your…”
Is what broke the ice
Some kind of assumptions
We gathered from habits

Nearly a writing prompt
For a business major
Who enjoys the outdoors

Reminds me of someone else
With the same name

In actuality, it was
Her second one

But everyone called her

Nevermind any differences
It’s the title that calls back
Fondness of someone
I don’t talk to anymore

To see so similar writing stories
About hovercrafts to be christened
And playing guessing games
About each other’s traits

I think you like wearing heels
Only sometimes
And put on sundresses on the
Rare occassion

I feel like you would prefer
Wearing jeans and sneakers
Over all else any day
You look that pragmatic to me

Despite the title burned into
My head
People emerge from the grey
All the time

Smashing aliases
All the time

I think you like
Alternative rock
And you’ve never
Smoked a cigarette

I feel like you
Hold a lot in
But it’s no secret
That everyone does

Yet that which colors greys
Red with pain is
So unique I wonder
What might ache

On no day have I seen you sad
So I wonder sometimes
And play those guessing games
“Are you doing okay?”

It’s that title that echos
Which makes me think
About the name I never used
And now you’ve risen to take

It’s meaning away from
Someone else

For that I am thankful
But the question remains

“If nothing had changed
Would you own
Your own name to me?”

I don’t think you would
But even that’s a part
Of this fascinating
Guessing game


Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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