The Rising – Journal 3/31/18

We’re ramping up around here. Now that I’ve gotten one of those DNA-sequencing tests back, I’m apparently 40% SCOTTISH?

After being told for so long that we were predominantly Polish and Native American, my sister and I have found out we’re actually not even on the map when it comes to being native. We’re actually 2% Caucasus, over 15% German, and over 15% Polish. But 40% Scottish? What in the hell?

That might actually make my demeanor make sense! Victory through aggression, Scotland forever! I’m a fucking highlander.

After waking up at 7:30 in the morning yesterday, I finally got to finishing the breakdown of the Murmur Box series. Which was a nice trip, it’s always nice to look back at poetry I’ve written over intense feelings because it’s likely I’ve forgotten those specific feelings by the time I take a second look at them. I also came across one of the most technical stanzas I’ve ever written. Buuut…. that was nearly three years ago now. Ha… I need to get another technincal one. Moving on.

It was also during yesterday that I finally convinced myself to seek opportunities. As such, you’ll find me in Olympia next week to perform some poetry with the Old Growth Poetry Collective. My head’s already spinning a little bit. Need to figure out what to read!

As part of the plan, I’m bringing along a friend to film stuff, and I’ve dug up my old GoPro Hero 2, remembering that I now have an appropriate mount to carry it around with. I’m hoping to walk away with a Monarch-like video that documents the evening. We’re going to be revisiting old landmarks and circling back around to places dear to me. Also miiiiight be flying the Monarch itself! Maybe. Don’t know if the plan will allow for it yet. Airspace is a tricky thing, and I’m trying to get in night flights before I’m officially an sUAS pilot.

Two doses of Olympia next week, actually. Both of them circling around to memories.

And as we leave March behind I’m left with this weird sense of finality. The end of an era, no doubt. But we’re looking forward. Forward to the endless depths of constant uncertainty. It’s exciting.

But we don’t leave March without a milestone. We’ve hit over 1,000 views this month, beating out last summer’s record of 873 in July. If that’s an indication of continued retention, I hope to see that number continue to grow. Gotta keep my head in this content-creation thing.

School’s starting up again, and now I’m truly without a paddle as my advisor has announced that she’s simply leaving Pierce College. Which is fantastic, since I’ve ostensibly been without an advisor for a year and a half. I want to put Pierce down like the bad guy in Water for Elephants. And if I don’t come out of Pierce without an editorial essay on my experience, then I will not have done it properly.

With school becoming a smaller and smaller part of my life, I’m actually looking into more opportunities as I mentioned at the beginning. I have another paper collection in the works after I sell the last 7 copies of Abandon Ship (get it on Patreon, buy now, beat the rush!) and I’ve reached out to way more artists to see about getting permission to use their music in the background of videos I produce. Among those are Dance With the Dead, Battle Tapes, Mr. Bill, Au5, and a couple of others. I’m starstruck every time I put together one of those emails to send.

sUAS certification brings commercial drone work, and offers to do photography for friends are increasing. Graduation photos are a hot commodity. Honestly, I’m finding it fulfilling to be able to drown myself in my work a little bit. I have never done it at this extent before.

Also, also: I’m doing more with cryptography. See the post from earlier today at 3AM. I’m actually hoping to develop an in-house polysubstitution cipher. Maybe make an alphabet to go with it. Some of my poetry has dabbled in that subject like Drlct. Other things have been blatantly vague, but it hasn’t gotten into codebreaking territory. I hope to somewhat change that, with a couple of poems popping up here and there that are truly cryptic.

Now I know where my drive comes from! It comes from my drive to liberate Scotland and fling a claymore around squads of pikemen. I should learn Gaeilic!

Thanks again for tuning in, this time around, I feel we had some substantial stuff to go over. And thanks to all of you for making March break 1,000 views! That’s a massive little milestone!

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