Wipeout – Journal 3/26/18

Today’s planned Monarch run around Puyallup had to be cancelled thanks to the weather. I upgraded all my firmware for it yesterday, but woke up to the dread of rain. The motors on the DJI Phantom 3 Professional are exposed to the air by their vents, rather intuitively, but that also means that flying them in the rain is asking for a short.

So instead today I’ve decided to coup up in my room and continue housekeeping.

I’m still irritated at myself for the absence of writing drive lately. Still waiting on another rush of 12 poems to come rumbling out like it did a week ago. I might need to dig deep to poems I wrote a year ago and rehash some of those. Like Abstergo Invictus and the like. I need to write more like those, and I have ideas to write about the two of those, all I’m waiting for is the fuel.

Keeping that irritation at bay, I’m wiping my old laptop at long last. After I got this new one at the turn of the new year, I’ve been kicking around what I need to do with the old one. Perfectly functioning, just not useful to me anymore. I needed it to sync my iTunes music (over 15,000 songs at this point, weighing in at 130GB), but have recently found out that I can sync my music from an external hard drive, as well. Since I have one of those, I have no use for all the space on my old computer.

Fantastic. Today is off to an alright start but it’s almost 3 PM.

My interest in blackout poetry is increasing as time goes on, but like with execution of creativity lately it hasn’t much gone anywhere.

However, I did pop open my lightbox yesterday and did some close-ups of sentimental items from my life. And I feel like I’m getting better at digital marketing. Bit by bit, my Instagram @jake_thomas_shaw is growing. It seems to be doing a little better than what I did advertising elsewhere. I’ve also finally gotten a hang of that whole Instagram Poetry thing by using my old notebooks as the subjects. Still playing with how to make it all the best it can be. Tagging seems to be a big deal.

I’ve come up with a paper marketing campaign that can put my printer to use, to debut in April at places I’m close to. The only thing I’d be missing is a lamination machine. But hey, piece by piece we can get to where we want as long as we have a plan and keep going.

That’s today. A wipeout. A clean slate of a studio to make things in, and waiting for that slayer of idleness to creep up and take me down. All this setdressing to make sure that when creativity strikes, I am ready.

It feels like I’ve been preparing for war. And that feeling is good. Preparing for so much, for the next offensive. Next time. For November Defensives. It’s been a 24 hour period of reminiscing, making peace, and cleaning my slate. Dusting, as it were. The arms race for Year V is ramping up ever so slightly. Sometimes I need to list out what’s happened so far to keep myself going. That I have done stuff and can continue to. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Let’s get those taps flowing.

Consume reality!

And happy Monday from Radio Reality City!



Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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