News – Mayor Dean Recovers from Attempt on his Life

Day 1,052, Reality City – Just a month ago, Mayor Dean was shot at by assailants wielding crossbows while he delivered a speech in the Memory District. The speech, which contained overall themes of “not dwelling on things” and a hard stance against gambling, was contentious to say the least. While the crowd was well-behaved, the Mayor’s presence in Memory was anticipated as part of his campaign against the district’s popular strip of casinos.

“Gambling isn’t a sin, but it isn’t great, either,” He spoke. “How can you, as a fully realized human being, decide to put your pockets and conscience on the line at a table…” Upon which, he was interrupted by an errant crossbow bolt fired from across the street. Luckily, the Mayor was not struck, but someone probably named Nancy was. Right in the leg. Perfect, recoverable flesh wound, actually.

Authorities within the Administration dispatched units of the RCPD to the scene to track down the offenders. While the suspects were not caught, the police did recover the crossbow used. Witnesses testified to say they spotted individuals with, “What looked like bathrobes on” entering the elevator of the building where the shot was fired from.

No one has yet come forward to describe a possible connection, yet the Administration believes this is the work of the Two Queens group. Miss Information had this to say at a press conference just yesterday: “In our investigation of this attempted shooting, we have discovered fibers of robes that we’ve seen before back in the first 100 days. This may be surprising to the citizens, but the Administration has been watching known associates ever since the siege of Glass to make sure that the past doesn’t come back to haunt us.”

Some citizens of Memory, such as Tommy Pierce, a small business owner, think that the group is out to defend their interests. “All they were trying to do is send a message to those fat cats in Glass. You don’t mess with a perfectly healthy economy! Our district lives and breathes thanks to the strip, what other way to preserve memory than regret the things that you’ve lost! It’s just common sense!” Tommy is no outlier, with over 40% of the population of Memory agreeing with his sentiment: that the Two Queens group is looking out for them.

The Administration, however, does not have this accepting stance, and neither does the policy of Mayor Dean. This term has been especially favorable towards the Destiny District, which speaks to the mindset of what the authorities would rather leave behind.

Spectators have said of that person probably named Nancy, “Ah, she looked fine.”

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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