Trickle Down Philanthropics

“Give to us, so we can
Give to them”

Is what they say
With eyes fixed on
Their target

“We can help like
No one else can”

Always able to step
Up and be so heroic
To those struggling

“We’re rich in heart
Let us make others so”

But it isn’t so,
Is it?

Never can it be that
Someone named Ajit
Can suffer through low
And high but Pai

Can certainly
Make tough calls
For the rest
Of us unable to

“It’ll be better
For everyone”

They say, manipulating
Every vote, and bringing
Back the dead to speak
In their awful harmony

Dissonant to the rest
Of us
The ones actually

Mocking us to our face
Since we’re the ones
Struggling in relation
To those in the war rooms

“Give to us,
So we can give to them”

But there isn’t a them.

There’s an us and them.
Them’s the ones
Voting in favor to do
Themselves favors.

How heroic.

“Then we can give
To you in return”

Yet to never see that
Return and turn a blind
Eye towards the men
Like Ajit Pai

Head in the sand
While he feeds us lies

No amount of yelling
Or fighting back
Changes the vote of
3 men in a closed room

“It’ll be better
For everyone”

And we’ll never see them
Once they cash out
And disappear

Leaving us to once again
Fear the fist of
Corruption smashing
Class into society

“Give to us, so we can
Give to them”

How about you give to us?

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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