Lush December

It occurs to me when you
Let me see
A part of you
That no one else would be

Allowed to

We let our symbols be clothing
Left at the door when we’re alone
We let our bodies be trust
In each other’s hands I can’t

Get enough
Of making trust

Not enough of your voice
Your lips
And wit

What metaphors that passed
Through our bodies
More empty than what
We were felt

No metaphors of
Your cryptic form
And gorgeous mind
Will ever amount

To the only thing I care about

That is you

Laying on my chest
While we’re naked
And I’m playing with
Your dyed hair

You weren’t a fan of it
At first
But, you know, I didn’t
Really care

Left your symbol on the ground
Don’t know where
Strewn our blankets all
Around the bed

By this point they were falling
From the edges
While we were busy falling
More in love

Trusting in me, baby
And knowing what it is
For you
To feel natural

We’ve come so far
And our will will go further
And every step we take
I’m going to capture

To show you one day

All the little things
Along the way

That said “I love you”

Driving in the car
While you’re holding my arm
And we’re sneaking out
Like we do every day

Not a moment passes
Where not through my mind passes
How lucky I must
Have to be

But then I turn and there you are
You make me so happy
Even when you’re not trying

Lit up by the dim
Passing lights
Of passing night’s
Orange street lamps

Cruising down the freeway
With the only thing fleeting
Being the sound of other
Cars passing us

I’m lost
And want to savor
All the details I can build up
Into words for you

When we stop
And I get to look in your eyes
All the things that make me strong
Melt away

And suddenly the thing I see
Is not just hotter than the sun
But the one person
I’d give myself away


It happens
Every time you let me see
A part of you that won’t be
By anyone else

We put our symbols on
By the door, walking out,
No one expecting anything
Had happened at all

Like shadows of your
Favorite place
As sunrise comes
And goes again

But we’ll both know the little things
That said “I love you”

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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