The Real McCoy – Journal 3/9/18

It’s been a year of journals! Hooray! And before the mark was even hit I discovered that some content of mine had been stolen in the form of two of these journals! Following is an email I sent a number of days ago to the host of this website that I still haven’t heard from:


I’m the owner of the website writing in regards to a website under your host that has stolen two of my posts in their entirety.

The offending material in question appears to have been found by a bot searching for any post on tagged “drones” and simply copy/pasted it to their website at

Offending material: and

Original content: and

As you can see, the original blog content has been simply reuploaded after it had been found by the bot on website. No alteration to the text whatsoever.

I’m asking that we escalate this process to have the offending posts removed from under bounds of copyright infringement. The contact address for the website itself has not yet responded, and I am afraid that this event could potentially be taking traffic from my own website.

Regards, Jake Thomas Shaw.”

So that’s fantastic. A bot has stolen two of the higher-demand pieces of content from my site and copy/pasted it to an aggregating website for aviation stuff. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if I had been asked beforehand. Not like a bot was going to ask permission in the first place, which is all the more reason for me to pursue this.

As you can tell, I’m a pretty tiny poetry and arts website that really can’t have large-scale attacks on my work. Something as petty as this seems funny, and I laugh knowing that when I tag this post with the word “drones” this very post will most likely end up on their website. So to they I say “Go fuck yourself, Good Planes! I’m going to buy your domain in July if you don’t comply!”

Because of this my creative efforts have been stalling, as every single time I think of making something I rather think on what ways I can fight this copyright infringement. I have to be the enforcer, since no one else is going to do that for me. With that in mind, if you’ve ever wanted to use a piece of content I have, just shoot on over to the about page and let me know! I’m actually quite chill about it!

Don’t worry, though, there’s still tons of that in the works.

Once I can cut off a piece of Good Planes and wear it like a proud hunting trophy, I’ve got poems about people I haven’t spoken to in 3 years to write, as I’ve learned more about those I used to know. In the past month, every single friend group I’ve ever belonged to has had a presence in some way, and that itself is compelling enough to write.

So I write, and I’ve gotten three Monarch flights planned out for hopefully sometime by the end of this month. Might be a bit of a stretch, but the weather and location here hasn’t been too nice to fly a recently-repaired phantom in.

In addition to this, more short stories have been piling up on my proverbial desk as I continue starting stories and not finishing them. This is most certainly the cause for the delay of further iterations in the Deneb Mythos. There’s also two unnamed horror projects I have planned out and fleshed out slightly that haven’t been moved on in months.

Broadcasts finally have a refined season plan. The Days of Reality City will be published in seasons, but on an irregular schedule. I have the plotline of the pilot episode down, and an extension of that if it works through to the end of a 10-episode season. The first two Days published thus far, on Titans and Photography, will not count as episodes in that season. They will be labeled as being in Season Zero.

I’m trying to juggle a lot but am still drawn to the more immediate arena that I do well in: poetry. This year I’m going to be published in the Pierce College SLAM again, with Gothic Lotus, Death6ish, and Ides of May making their first print published appearance.

And to blend some audio and poetry together, I’m currently trying to get ahold of the Swedish electronic group Tape, to use their song Beams as a backing track for a reading of my poem Wrong Number; for which the inspiration came from the song. Because Wrong Number is such a strange little piece that isn’t exactly pronounceable all the way through, the idea when I wrote it was to distort it with common noises surrounding telecom. In fact the second poetry reading I did as part of SLAM was going to be Wrong Number before I realized I couldn’t read aloud what I had written. This would realize that dream and also be a piece of spoken word poetry that I can claim my name to. Which would be pretty neat.

I do have an excerpt for you this time! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those. This is going to be the entirety of “6s Plus Autocomplete”, an experimental poem I wrote entirely using my new out-of-the-box iPhone’s autocomplete function to write. Since I will be posting this poem in its entirety, I will be charging $50,000 each for the license to republish this poem that I, Jake Thomas Shaw, have written. This offer is on the table from now until 3/16/18, and any other website found to have published this text during that time, through any outlet not representing me or given written consent, will be pursued for copyright infringement of the license above. This license will add to itself every day it is infringed upon, so a two day infringement shall cost $100,000, a three day infringement shall cost $150,000, and so on. This license is also on a per-case basis, meaning each individual iteration of this poem appearing will have the same penalties applied; two posts on one website equals the same penalty enforced on both instances, effectively multiplying the cost of the copyright infringement. With that lovely little court-enforceable disclaimer right smack dab nestled in this text, here is “6s Plus Autocomplete”:

“Hey you can have
tomorrow night
or maybe
tomorrow night
I will
let him in
and I will
let him out.”

“Hey you can have
tomorrow night
or maybe
tomorrow night
I will
let him in
and I will
let him out.”

The above poem is also © Jake Thomas Shaw 2018. Just for good measure.

This poem was a very spur of the moment idea, and I thoroughly enjoyed disabling the annoying autocomplete feature after this was done. What abstract things lie at the core of an Apple iPhone, I wonder, for it to turn out a poem as vivid as this?

Who knows?

That’s going to be all the energy I have today, listeners. I bid you to watch the skies, for there is Good Planes about, and they are a mindless, predatory drone aiming to take this post by tomorrow evening. I can’t wait to tell them they owe me a lot of money at about the same time tomorrow evening, since I’ll be watching them like a damn hawk. Or crow.

So to those of you here, I appreciate you sticking through this agonizingly slow progression of events, and content release, but I promise you we’ll begin Days of Reality City Season 1 very soon. And I’ve got a Deneb Mythos for you to pop out real soon!

And if you’re coming to my website through Good Planes, welcome! There’s much better content to be found here, I assure you!

Thank you all so much for listening, and please consider becoming a patron to support the station and keep it broadcasting. A single dollar can power this hilltop for 5 hours!

Consume reality!!

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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