Dunmaglass – Journal 2/7/18

We’re doing audio now! Hell yeah! I went out and bought a Blue microphone, a lovely Yeti, and it’s being my fucking grand champion of the arena. Broadcasting now first to Soundcloud, and soon to iTunes!

I’ve had a lot of tiny victories in the audiosphere so far. First of which, is no small victory, but I’ve gotten permission from Kauf to use music in my broadcasts! Which is immense! I sent an email with a hope and some faith, and the man himself replied to me. I am still so intensely starstruck. Hope to do his art some justice as I find my way through this thing.

So now you can hear my voice! And decide for yourself if the content is worth it. I’m still getting into a good way of making these. So far I think production on all sides besides the main content (in Day 1,008: photography) is pretty okay. Friends have been tuning in without my knowing and getting back to me with criticisms, so hey, I have a long way to go. Please, go take a look and tell me what you think. It’s an exercise in storybuilding, if nothing else.

Let’s do something I haven’t done in a while, and I’m going to post an excerpt from something I wrote yesterday. I started a poem yesterday based on vengeance, and the idea of not letting the unfinished business of the dead go without closure. This is a piece of “Acrimony”, which starts with Celtic tetrameter and descends into apathy:

“Some revenants afraid
Of finding finality
After walking this world
For so long,
They’ve forgotten
Of feeble fragility.

Be of flesh and blood
Or ethereal mesh and muds,
I alone will sunder their
Silhouettes from spirits.”

Why is this important to take a look at? Well, I think stories of revenge will never be out of style, but I also think that this poem marks a recent age of development in some of the things I’ve written. I’ve been writing poetry less lately, but what I do write seems to be more complex and ever denser than anything ever before. What follows is going to be an excerpt from “Bog Witch Brew”, a poem about being out in Olympia:

“It was the brew that was
What weeks were made of
What kicked off the morning
And shut down the nights

Like a baton to the shin
It stopped us from flight
And subdued us from fighting
That day’s altering state

Then day was no longer
And it was tomorrow
As the week went on
Like it was so strong”

This style of wordplay is beginning to focus on meter, which I’ve never ever done before. This is a far cry from some of the stuff I’ve been up to in the last year. It’s getting a little more political, and it’s getting weirder.

I’m focusing on writing episodes of the Days series. Which is an extremely fun process. Never have I dug so deep into exploring what makes Reality City. Writing the broadcasts as The Host of the station now, is a next level kind of content I didn’t think I’d be producing a few years ago.

Maybe this is a sign of things changing, but either way, the poetry won’t let up, the photography won’t let up, and the broadcasts will only get better as I produce more.

In collegiate news, I’ve applied to University of Washington in Tacoma! I hear there’s a badass writing program there, but now my adviser from my current college is going to be out of action for the foreseeable future. So now I really have to start fighting for this thing. I’m networking as much as I can and getting all the information I can to begin this.

STILL haven’t climbed Mount Si in its entirety. But when I do, I will be climbing with a shirt of my own making, featuring the crow and microphone logo from Radio Reality City. That’s something I got recently with an Amazon investment. Who knew DIY shops existed on Amazon? I didn’t! And was pleasantly surprised!

And on that note, and venturing into photography, I’ve recently come across a Canon EOS lens that starts at 650mm-1300mm and comes with a 2x telephoto converter. So that’s going to be fun to get, and to use.

So here’s to broadcasts! Consume Reality! RADIO Reality City!

Thank you for tuning in!

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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