Self-Published – Journal 1/20/18

One of the extended goals for this year has been slain.

Abandon Ship is out on store shelves, in the Mad Hat Teahouse, and in King’s Books in Tacoma.

A month ahead of schedule, I might add!

I would love to say thank you specifically to Tobin at Mad Hat, for being wonderful to talk to and just generally fun to have made business with. Seriously, what a neat person. Bought the rest of my inventory with two places to pitch to to go. I walked out with some jasmine tea and two dollars more than I walked in with, after selling 5 copies of Abandon Ship.

So if you’re in Tacoma, and like those local arts, I’m now a part of them!

That was Wednesday, and I’ve been riding an incredible burst of high energy since. Poems are shuffling, photos are being taken, and all kinds of projects are in the thick of that sometimes it feels like it’s suffocating, but I’m being suffocated by doing things that I love to do.

So speaking of Radio, one of the things I’m involved with now is attempting to expand on the audio portion of the station. I feel we’ve needed something to listen to around here since I began, but only have I just come up with a way to tie up this whole creative universe.

While wracking my head, I did a demo for a podcasty-type thing that didn’t end up very satisfying for me to make. It’s a 15 minute segment that’s talking about creation, the place of Reality City, along with some bits preprogrammed into the whole format. Recorded it, mixed audio into it, and had a “finished” project all ready to go. Ran it by a friend of mine who told me it needed some work done, so I thought about it some more.

The creative process behind making a podcast isn’t the same as writing a poem. Sure, you’ve got segments, your guests, your format, all that stuff. But it doesn’t tell a story. If I want to dribble about my opinion, I’ll write it out on the Criticisms/Reviews section of the site, or jot them down here. No, podcasts weren’t going to do it for me, but I got an even better idea.

I admit, listening to the little democast is neat to hear the combination of all these elements I’ve put together, but it wasn’t what Reality City is all about. It’s about the City itself, and that’s something I’ve pondered for a long time. How do I put that across?

You’ll have to find out.

To get away from the businessey, projecty side, I’ve been away from journals for a while because I’ve been experiencing a whole helluvalot. Was taken hostage in a pleasant way up to Seattle to have Indian food, and then was shanghaied to Olympia to conquer memories and walk about downtown. Then into Puyallup on Tuesday, and to Tacoma on Thursday, and again yesterday. You can see, its been a busy week. With that is a lot to digest and write about. Instead of writing anything topical, I’ve been writing about other things unrelated to my week, which just means the reaction to it has been delayed somehow. I need to take a moment and severely meditate with some new jasmine tea on the experiences I’ve been having,

If I saw that whole paragraph out of context, I’d think I was a real posh prick.

Anyways, I’m still on about the fact that I have successfully sold my work to people who want to read it. So far, response to it has been above what I ever expected. And I need to figure out what’s next.

And I also need to write more poetry.

I think that’s it for me, this time around, I need to get to lineating something before I go crazy.

Thank you, from The Host of Radio Reality City! For those of you just joining us, and those of you who have been around for a long time!

Consume reality! Radio Reality City!

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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