Welcome 2018 – Journal 1/2/18

Happy new year everybody. Anyone really feel that different? Anyone feel like an arbitrary gauge of the passage of time adds to the confidence you’ll have in achieving a ‘resolution’?

Well, cool! Anyone wanting to take that away would be a not great person!

I kicked off my new year playing Doom and having a pirate shot of Ciroc. As we here at Reality City do. Result: I’m still pretty amazing at Doom and nightmare difficulty hurts so good.

Seeing as it’s the new year, I’m going to lay out some goals for myself to achieve over the course of 2018.

I want to become more familiar with vertical integration when it comes to self-publishing, and have sold at least 100 chapbooks by year’s end. Now that I have everything I need to print, bind, and publish them, I should have no problem.

I would like to kill Mount Si, solo or otherwise. At the summit, I shall play the song “Kill Me” and also take photographs of everything I can see. So I’ll be taking my new MOLLE camera bag with me.

I want to finish another notebook. Because that’s always thrilling.

Epics! I love epics so damn much, but I have yet to write a heroic tale that’s over 1,000 lines, with meter, kennings, and rhyme. Beowulf being no small inspiration as I say this.

Write something grindhousey. Because I was going to do that last March but REALLY didn’t keep to it.

Chief among these goals, though, I would like to publish an artbook. Not specifically about any kind of art, but a combination of everything I’ve got to offer. Photography, short stories, drawings, illustrations, plays, whatever I have. Flesh out Reality City some more.

Some of these things are going to be much easier than others, but we gotta have some breadth to aspirations. Megadeth started my year with “A Tout le Monde”, and we have 363 days to see where that sentiment takes me.

I am still pushing forward with a desire to do something in the audio-visual spectrum that isn’t me standing on a stage and swaying while I SLAM a poem.

Also found out that I much prefer Turkish coffee and baklava to any other brunch. It’s the hardest tea to swallow. Reality!

If you’d like to kick your year off right, why not start with Olympia Nights?

So let’s talk stuff. Radio Reality City turned on ads yesterday in an unprecedented move worthy of nobody getting angry over. Neat. I also did some more coding around the site to make everything a little bit cleaner and switched the background back to the June 2016 one. Which looks much better in my opinion.

This is in an effort to see what I can do here and have it work. Publicity is a difficult thing when you’re just a tiny little website that hosts poetry and stuff. One thing I want to do is do a sort of ‘Making 101’ series where I talk about things you can do in art that work well. Almost like a class curriculum, but without the curriculum. That word is the hellspawn of the Modern Language Association and Pearson. Let’s not use it in the future.

I took to the twitter account linked to the site and updated it to more reflect what it is. It is no longer @shawestofjakes, but @RRC_PubBot because that’s all it is. A publisher bot. So if you’re on twitter and would rather be updated about what’s going on here there, follow @RRC_PubBot. The bots will get you what you need!

I’m also on Instagram under the username jakefuckingshaw if you’re ever curious about what photos I pose on the bottom bar of the site here, that’s the most direct spot to see.

Hopefully I’ll see some more interaction between you who reads this and myself! I’d love to see more comments pop up here and there, as always.

I am very thankful for my core audience of readers, so those who have consistently participated in telling me what they enjoy at Radio Reality City will be getting a special something very soon once it’s all finalized. A free gift to start the new year!

Alright, I’m out of time for now. Thank you all for carrying RRC into 2018 with over 10,000 viewers, and I can promise it’ll only get better as everything becomes more apparent.

Consume reality! Radio Reality City!

https://radioreality.city for more!


Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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