In Bellingham

Way up there in Bellingham
There’s a university
With a massive wall of windows
In the dining hall
That look out over the bay

I sat there with you
On my first time up
To visit
And we had dinner among
All the other students

Like I belonged

I knew it wasn’t going to
For very long

So I sampled everything
And came back to sit with you
I held your hand under our table
Looking out the window at the
Billowing clouds as they crossed
The water

Even though the food was hipsterish
You were amazing
Not much to Western’s credit

But in that dining hall
Was you

That’s where the worth was
Of Western Washington University

To know that after two hours of driving
And some dining hall food
I could finally strip off
Shower and
Lay in bed next to you

Just a pair of 19 year olds
In another campus daze
Reconnected after high school
What we had was an anomaly
Heard of far too often

I’ll hold onto those moments
Every drop of rainwater and
Every footfall when we
Walked to the park
On Boulevard

Every drink messed up
By Wood’s Coffee
And their incompetent baristas
Our Zen Sushi date and that
Time we tried Indian food

Zero discord up and down campus
All so beautiful

Every time I was out there
Admiration would pour out of me
For the beauty of the buildings
And how they paled compared to you

All in Bellingham

Now that you’re all gone
There’s not a single reason
To go again
Because if I did all I’d do
Is miss you

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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