Dead Ringer – Journal 12/15/17

Hopefully, my final final at Pierce College has come to pass. That’s what this last weeks of truancy and lateness to Radio Reality City has been. Particularly yesterday and Tuesday. This week has been a blur, partially because of increased work hours and due to the formerly mentioned finals.

I have this awful habit of letting classes that are really unintuitively structured get to me and make me disinterested. So yesterday, for about 4 hours, I was recovering 35% of my score in one of the two classes I took this quarter, what is meant to be the final quarter at Pierce College. However, there is one assignment left to be graded and I sit at a 75.25%. To those of you unaware of how the standards of the education paradigm have changed, that’s a quarter of a percent above passing. I made my bed in this, and I will pass.

Half of life is confidence, the other half is support.

With that, I am quite ecstatic to announce that I have a chapbook I will be taking and getting contracts to sell in King’s Row Books in Tacoma and the University of Washington Tacoma Bookstore! Possibly also The Mad Hat Teahouse! But it’s December. I’d be getting this order in February to print, but first I have to talk about why I have to wait.

Firstly: the gentleman at King’s Row I was talking to about this suggested coming after the holiday, in January. Secondly, I’m in a bit of a bind, as the Copper Canyon Press contest I’m involved with right now means that I can’t print a book with an ISBN for retail until the contest winner is announced in February. So: I can’t sell a book in print with an ISBN until February, else I’d void the contest.

So that’s good. At least I’m prepared, and I’ll be visiting both bookstores in January to see if I need to sell with an ISBN there. If you’ve ever been to King’s Row Books, you would notice that they don’t price by the ISBN, and student bookstores sell professor’s handmade booklets without ISBN’s too. So I might be able to do this in January. That’s the timeline. I also just submitted to Pierce College’s SLAM for the last time. And have Button Poetry’s chapbook contest submission to worry about on the 5th of January.

With that, I haven’t been doing a lot of overall writing, been worried about the business end of RRC. But that’s okay, soon I’ll have some more time to write when all this passes and the stress of near-death in one of my classes comes to pass.

It’s been a very work heavy week, work meaning this, and that means I’m really happy with what’s gone on. It’s been a very very productive week, and with Lithium Autumn, SLAM, Abandon Ship, and a chapbook to worry about, it’s awesome to see stuff progressing still.

Thank you much for tuning in! Abandon Ship will be out for e-books sometime in February for sure!

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