Pinkerton – Journal 11/25/17

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing these journals for 8 months already. That’s a lot of life chronicled cryptically. So, it’s a lot of poetry I’ve had to write to keep up with it all. I’ve been coming up with collections of themes lately, and compiling these as poetry collections to have on retainer. It seems it might be more useful to have this stuff out there and ready to fire instead of scrambling to figure out a production as I go along.

So far, there’s quite a few ideas out there after Olympia Nights hit. Mount Si Memories, among others. There’s plenty to go around.

Maybe this journal will one day be published. Fuck, that’d be a nightmare.

Among those ideas, is the idea for Catalogue, that’s actually been an idea for over a year, now. It’s a compilation of every single thing I’ve ever written, along with all the photography and design stuff I’ve got, like a gigantic picture book! I might have to put it into its years/eras format or something, though. Every so often I’ll check what the length of a completely unformatted copy of all my poetry is on a word processor, and so far we’re up to 800 pages, I think. It’s nuts. That’s a lot of art and a lot of random stuff that I’ve spent so much time tending to over the last three years. Radio Reality City. Crazy to think we’re nearly at 10,000 views.

Writing wasn’t always my passion. I used to be very much into drawing and design, especially in middle and high school. I took years of such classes, focusing on stuff like perspective and learning all about intention. It was pretty cool. But as soon as I wrote my first poem I was in love with the idea, and I had to keep going. I still drew pretty often since I was in those classes, but when college started I was out of it. Too much started happening and suddenly I never could concentrate on sitting down and painting something.

Since then I’ve struggled to come up with any original covers for chapbooks or anything I’ve done without using existing photographs or assets like my logos. And guess what? I’ve recently figured out how to remedy that.


The art movement headed by those such as Picasso gave way to a type of naval camouflage called “Dazzle”. It’s a series of white and black lines, broken up by unexpected lines and completely destroying the outline of the thing camouflaged. To the point that a ship being sighted on would effectively have an unknown size, heading, direction, and distance away from the craft observing.

So I’m going to adopt the design and incorporate it into Radio Reality City, bring back some of that classical artist in me. Besides, I think it’s all too fitting. Reality City being represented by a design that’s purpose is to obscure what the thing embossed really is. Fucking poetic. Hell yeah.

And over this break I’ve gotten more involved in finances, investment banking, and I’ve been doing research in my spare time on certain matters. Really mundane stuff like the Flash Crash of 2010 is incredibly interesting to me as reading material. Stock trading is going to pick way up very soon, as I’m constantly educating myself. Pretty neat!

It’s the morning after black Friday, and here I am in my room after a weirdish day. Not a lot of writing or anything for that matter. Wikipediaed a lot, and also dominated as a highlander in For Honor.

When I get idle, I tend to think about the past. Instead of cracking a book, I just roll experiences in my head over and over again. I’ve done a lot of driving today, as well, and that’s definitely helped. This journal was originally going to start out by talking about Eleanor, the autumn of 2014, and why GH by deadmau5 means so much to me. I suppose I don’t yet warrant widespread explainations to my work, and when I feel something does I use the Rehashings to do that. I deviated back to thinking about writing in general. I’m sure if I had all my stuff printed and able to look at I’d more focus on it. For now, there’s a lot of other stuff that’s more immediately compelling.

But with that comes a lot of inspiration for when I finally do slow down. I always do, and I’m pretty excited to see what happens when stuff slows down again and I sit down to write. Maybe I’ll put out something about Project Truth after a while. Yet to be determined.

Short little update today, just to whet the appetite over the weekend. Consume reality (and turkey, too). Radio Reality City!


Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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