Hotline Spikes – Journal 11/22/17

Well, friends, this is the next push. Another bout of net neutrality bullshit. Can we stop doing this and give the internet cables of the world Title II connection already? It’s not July anymore, and there’s another battle here.

First: a couple of messages to a randomly selected group of men, bearing absolutely no relation to each other whatsoever.

Ajit Pai: go fuck yourself, you cowardly, easily-bribed, lying prick. You’d likely sell out your sister for the change in my pocket. Which, I don’t have any. So much for being “federally regulated” communications.

Brian Roberts: please hold an all-staff meeting with corporate, tell everybody they’re fired, and then begin filling those positions with the people who take jobs at your call centers in Asia. They would do a better job at running the company, and they would probably even do it with humanity.

Mark Cuban: shut the fuck up, you don’t know what you’re talking about, keep sucking Ajit Pai’s dick on twitter, also go fuck yourself you quintessential capitalist. I wonder how much equity you have in Comcast, heartless bastard. Shame that you were my favorite on Shark Tank, too.

That is all.

So I guess this is what happens when a fight over neutrality ensues, we get to pick sides. For not wanting to associate with a group, this is an interesting situation. Certainly for everything I like, there’s someone else out there that likes one of those things. That’s what cultivates good friendships.

Yet, I’ve always talked about not associating with groups. I’ve never wanted to identify as anything like an anarcho-capitalist, as appealing as it was at first. The difficulty is getting into a group that ends up going in a different direction than when it began. The controversy surrounding EA was something I could get behind, and net neutrality is as well, but what if the hive mind changes its thoughts? That’s what I’m mostly afraid of, being associated with a movement that manifests as an amorphous, angry entity, that is out of my control, and being represented by that entity’s wishes/manifestations.

It’s like a Newtonian idea instead of a Newtonian liquid. Pretty solid when you hit it at speed.

After the Battlefront 2 stuff on Reddit, the hive basically said “We need to get mad at the FCC now” and they sure as hell fucking did. Yesterday, the entire front page of Reddit found itself plastered with links to Battle for the Net. The entire thing. No getting away from it, in the run up to voting time. My representative has been contacted, I assure you, and I implore you to do the same.

This is The Host of Radio Reality City, saying I side with net neutrality.

“How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?”

How would I have found the wonderful little track “Hotline Spikes” without YouTube and Bandcamp currently being at the status they are? Check out this synthy thing:

I suppose it might be a good idea to start thinking about what happens to Radio Reality City if net neutrality is revoked. Well, this is an art website at its barest form. I’ll find a way. It might be on Tor, but this website will survive in some form or another.

Maybe I’ll just start printing more!

This is a fascinating exercise in the American dream to see develop. This blow to communication as a whole, it’s pretty intense to see it debated so one-sidedly. Quite literally the only person I’m seeing defend Pai’s (bribe-motivated) measure to kill net neutrality is Mark Cuban, so once again: fuck Mark Cuban. Entrepreneur, yeah right.

This happened because Comcast and Verizon wants control over the web as a whole, making packages and walled gardens to profit off of all the while being able to see everything that runs through the electrodes. This happened because bribes were accepted by the FCC, where the leader was corrupt from the beginning and chosen by a person who is simply an asshole to head the joint. This happened because the free world is run by a bunch of guys who don’t want a lot of money, they want ALL of the money and any less than that is failure. So the free world gets to pay for it.

Soon it’ll be the not-free world, too. Just a couple of steps away from totalitarianism. If the FCC can limit communication on such a MASSIVE scale, you better believe there are more targets in their sights.

This is a group I probably couldn’t be more opposed to. I’m making my own side in this and forming my own opinion. Yes, I like net neutrality, and I have done what is nearly my extent to protect it.

So far my stance is: Fuck Ajit Pai, Comcast, and Mark Cuban. Heartless pricks.

The problem with being a tolerant society is that it tolerates all views. But there are certain views that are entirely wrong, and anti-humanity is one of them. Free speech is great, but you use it wisely, unlike some other people. When something is wrong, you pipe up about it. But above all:

You don’t fucking tolerate intolerance. Paradoxical, but practical.

This is Jake Thomas Shaw from Radio Reality City, telling you I’m anti-FCC and pro Free Speech. They are two completely different entities. One is an idea, and the other is an interpretation of that idea. Interpretations can get skewed.

Tell someone you love that you’re thankful that you can tell them that today.

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