Open Mics and Leggings – Journal 11/16/17

Last night I delivered “Ghillie” and “Thumper” at Pierce College as part of an open mic! And heeeeeere is the performance!

It was so much fun! My god, it only reinforces my desire to get out and go get heard! Every time I’m up on a stage it feels so good, like a mixture of anxiety and happiness. You might be able to see me still shaking a little bit.

Ghillie is a poem I previewed in a previous journal, and Thumper is one I put in that packet that I was quite proud of, which consisted of “Amoral”, “Hoc Etiam”, “Alter Egoes”, “Ghillie”, “Thumper”, and “Round 3”. I had a time limit of 5 minutes or so, and I went with my gut when I wanted to close with “Thumper”. The laughter was palpable.

The event was pretty cool, on its own. Of the 6 or so reading events I’ve participated in, this one had the most energy. There were 16 performers and a full audience. It was relatively well-organized, there was incredible talent, and hey, I was there! Made for a great day.

And now I’ve caught wind of a Button Poetry chapbook submission contest that’s open until early January, so I get to put together another manuscript! Can I make it 2 for 2? Lithium Autumn and… [?]. I’m already gathering ideas for themes, and I’m severely tempted to used Thumper as one of the entries.

In hindsight, it makes me happy that I’ve had the self-publishing experiences I have. With the first Radio Reality City transmissions came more knowledge of word processors and formatting and style and all that good stuff. Here’s to using that knowledge for more valiant efforts.

And maybe this last open mic will inspire me to seek out more opportunities to use one of my few true talents, my voice. People since middle school have said I sound like someone on the radio. That’s part of why I’m The Host of Radio Reality City.

These events are coming more often and it’s great. I think this is my third one of the year and it keeps getting easier.

Short update today, from yours truly. Just some cool stuff going on. So thank you all for continuing to tune in. It can only get better.

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