Hoc Etiam

I write poems
Long works
Drain me

To think wit’s soul
Is brevity

But in books
A plot mechanizes,
Every poem is up
To interpret

And some see
What they want to,


And everybody
Who reads my poems
Walks away with
A reflection

Is there music in
Rhymes or ciphers

I waste time
And then
Try later

After my mind decides
How to write it

And there it is
As a savage burn
A sprint to see
Who’s closest to figuring

I am
Radio Reality City

It doesn’t matter
What I mean
When I write about
Thor and Lorelei

No catalogue matters
By its references

So long as the content
Is artful as a poem
And another project
Looms over the city

If I live to capture memories,
Watashi ga nani ka

Experiencing for its sake
And intending art to slake
A need for me to tell you
Of obscured Reality

And I don’t know which
Memories are cheating

I know my mortal fleeting
Coil longs for a legacy
Of the things I’ve done
And passions I’ve had

Maybe you know
Who I am

Or have been thanks
To two too
Interpretive and seeing
For four

I am Jake Thomas Shaw
I am Radio Reality City

I write to remember
With a small hope
That when I’m gone
Beautiful still is November

And someone can see
What is Reality

I am destined to live
To interpret simulacrums
Of others’ expression
Into autoquixotics

We are yet so blind
To any other

Too different to live
Too unique to die
As we quietly wonder
The question of: why

Are we all here?
This is…

A poem of memory
Interpreted by a
Synthetic android
For all I know

I hope what happens
When you fix this is see

Is that

It’s not just about
Obscura and confusion
No tangible codes or
Abstract fantasy

All things than can be
Are Reality

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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