Shoot the Sky – Journal 10/10/17

Had something happen to me today that totally caught me off guard.

So in one of my classes this quarter, my professor is making use of a Jackbox-style party game trivia thing maker. Basically, teacher makes a quiz, puts it online, everyone can connect to it on their phone and participate in a trivia game.

When you do this, you can choose a username. Among other humorous queries I could have started building tension with, I decided to simply use my twitter handle @jakethomasshaw. If you already follow it, you might well be aware that all it does is update whenever I post something here on my RR.C!

This happened a week or so ago when I did that. Well today I was approached after class ended by someone who noticed the handle and looked it up. She told me she found my site and that she actually kinda likes some of my poetry! Which was fucking awesome!

If you’re reading this: apologies if I didn’t react in a noticably excited way, but that nearly made my week all by itself! Thank you so much!

Never has that happened before today where someone seeks it out. Normally I tell someone about my site, they go on, tell me it’s cool, and that’s it. No, I was stopped and told that someone liked what I had going on here. I’m practically glowing.

That happened in a class today where I was also writing, on a day that I had taken some cool photos, out of a morning where I did some self-TLC. I love how boringly bad weekend can turn into a day like today. Sort of like how an LFG for the Calus raid can turn into a 3 hour monster only to give up halfway, AFTER pleasure gardens. Even the sherpas quit. That’s rough.

So today: 3 poems, a few photos. Summer is dead and now we enter the Washington I love: clouds, rain, wind, and cold. It’s Always Raining in Radio Reality City. So I’ve embarked on a strange journey in what will most likely turn out to be a poem that takes a while to finish.

You know sex? Yeah, we’ve covered it before. But check it out, here’s a spin on it. Not meant to be erotica or anything like that. It actually falls in line with an idea by bladed pens, I think. Partly the inspiration.

I’ve had a love for autumn for a long time. Why not write about something about that instead of just writing about it itself? This is what I’ve got: a kinky, sexually deviant styled poem about how the speaker wants the life fucked out of it? E.g. Summer to Autumn. Summer wants to die so badly it’s begging to be killed, in a diction that’s quite in line with dirty talk.

It’s actually making me slightly uncomfortable to write! Like I’ve said before, I do not feel totally a-okay in that sphere of literature when it comes to creating the content. I’m a romantic! But the idea is rolling. Lines from this poem include: “Choke me”, “Bruise me black”, “Strip me bare”, and “Leave me a wreck”. Still haven’t come up with a title! Probably will be taken soon when I can find the deviancy in me to talk dirty on paper.

Aside from that sure to be wonderful piece of fine literature, I’m writing a lot of romance stuff about my love, designing symbols and defining what they mean, and taking pictures of clouds outside of 7/11. That last part turned out great, by the way.

Didn’t even notice that Kauf’s new album comes out on Friday the 13th in October. Fucking rad. Unluckily for me (fuckin’ zing!) I get to work/school my way up to the day we leave to visit California. Then I’ll be taking my notebooks, my camera kit, and everything I need to survive there for a week or so. I’ll set the site to auto-update, since I’m going to pack like I’m camping. No laptop is going with me.

Also never been flying before, and I super hope I can use my camera to snap stuff from a window seat. I’m always in awe at those photos. Long time ago my flame of that era took photos of clouds from her window seat, to find that the aircraft was above the cloud layer. Never seen a sun so bright, yet I’m not sure a 3 hour Sea-Tac to LAX flight will take us up very high.

So I’ll be in Cali again, with my best friend, driving around Highland and Redlands and chronicling it all. This is gonna be good.

Aside from that, no more news from Radio Reality City. Just a lot of writing! I have a lot to save. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little update, and we shall see at least one more Rehashing before I take off next Thursday.

Thank you very much, from Radio Reality City! Getting busy, and only busier as this year comes to a close. Packing in, moving out, cutting ties, reconnecting, rehashing all the good stuff.

As always: stay tuned!

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Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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