A Moment To Myself – Journal 8/27/17

Housesitting is happening again, but man that is the least of what’s been going on since the last journal. This is why I’m happy I have this thing. People might like to hear about this!

First thing’s first, I fixed up my car again. Thankfully my passenger was already gone by the time it overheated somewhere in Fife. Friday at about 6 pm, traffic in certain sections of Pierce County really bottleneck. My car was in a certain condition where it would dramatically overheat if I left it idle for a few minutes in traffic. Which was exactly what was going on on Friday. Twice. And since there was so much traffic, my Friday evening was exactly like that Jason Statham film Crank. Had to keep moving on the way home so the damn thing wouldn’t burn up. One thermostat and fan clutch later, it seems to be running pretty alright.

Well that was fun, BUT I also discovered something amazing thanks to Friday.

There is a place in Tacoma called the Mad Tea Co. House. It’s a tea house. Which I never thought persisted into modernity, but there I was. This place was amazing. Dark, dimly lit. Low coffee tables and old couches all over. Books stacked to the chest on every wall. It’s what drives me, these experiences. The guy behind the counter knows exactly what he’s doing, and imports tea leaves from all over. South America and Asia were in what I had; the mad snickerdoodle tea. Some modest teaspoons of sugar and drops of honey accompanied the brew.

It is here, at the Mad Tea Co., that I’m going to do my first exercise in providing a publication to a storefront. Anthem was a first choice, but I feel somewhat more comfortable with this place. It isn’t loud and hispterish like Anthem. It isn’t overbearing. The vibe is so perfectly chill. That’s what I’d call it. And I’m going to be formatting something to print a lot of and putting it in a box to take there.

Man, and that’s not all that’s gone on. I’ve found a few friends I can very much trust to be roommates with. So I might be staking my own claim in this city finally, and before the end of the year. Along with that is the excitement going into this promotion and the training for that, and the associate’s degree waiting for me to collect at the end of December. Life is progressing, and visibly it goes.

So I’m housesitting again and enjoying some stuff I haven’t seen in a while, and also stuff I simply haven’t seen. I’m catching up on Red Vs. Blue and just started One Punch Man on Netflix. If you’ve been following my journals, you might be able to guess what I think of One Punch Man! It’s fucking great!

There’s still so much I need to pull from my notebooks. Rest assured there is much coming. As for now I’m constantly surrounded by pretty people, insane experiences, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had. There will be poetry. Much more after this week, once September begins.

This journal’s excerpt is going to be from “ON 1: Revelation”:

“I wish to be under an
Orange blanket on the couch

I want you to be
Leaning against me

Getting comfortable
In my arms

While you’re cold and
Pull me close to warm you

Outside on a bench
At midnight”

And perhaps with this poem I mark a transition where I stop writing about the past and focus on the present. So much to do and so much to write.

I have my best friend currently working on a version of my logo in photoshop, and this is going to be fun manipulating the hell out of it. Into something great. Into something very befitting Radio Reality City.

There’s going to be a lot incoming. Year Four is shaping up to be fantastic.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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