Satisfaction – Journal 8/23/17

It’s when you finally can knuckle down and start a short story centered around H O R R O R!! It finally happened after so long threatening, I was able to get 1,000 words out today from scratch about a gentleman waking up after a night of getting blackout drunk at a party to find that he doesn’t know where the fuck he is. I do like some abstract horror, but one of the most terrifying things to me is being totally alone with zero direction. So I’m toying with ideas about where he is, what’s gone on, and have spun some pretty good plot threads already to take it a little further. Ha haaaa! Fuck you, writer’s block!

And my Overwatch rank is falling thanks to a couple of games where I got stuck with people who only wanted to throw matches. Fantastic. Gives me time to focus on photo editing and stuff.

In the spirit of that, I took to some old files and wandered around nostalgia. Turns out that back in November of 2016 I took some killer shots of trees and stuff. Like this one!

november tree

Isn’t that a beauty? It’s even taken in a combination of settings I don’t think I’ve used yet! So I dredged up some nearly year old photographs that I somehow didn’t notice when I was gathering up all the good ones! One step towards progress! I’m even popping this one into the sidebar because I like it so much.

On the idea of photography, I’ve recently been in contact with someone about doing photoshoots. I’m really good friends with a career cosmotologist and she is super down for the idea of doing shoots on location, at events, pageants, and wherever else we can think of! More news to come when that’s going to start!

I’ve been taking trips back to revisit ideas I haven’t yet started off on but meant to. For example, in my last relationship I had planned on writing a quite endearing poem called ‘That Bellingham Girl’, yet never got around to actually writing it. How would I go about it now? I still think it’s a good idea, but it’s a particular idea that has some attachments to it now. Not baggage, exactly, but is it in good taste? I need to be in the right nostalgic mood for it to get going. Some old photos I scrolled past helped a little bit with that, but not enough to write.

Since I have been taking a look at old ideas, though, the presses have been moving! This excerpt’s gonna be from “Solar Flytrap”, a poem about Ellensberg I have been neglecting since this month started:

“It sits in its own dimension
Nourishing Kittias
And feeding the valley
Where they do not but sustain

Themselves for what?

Just to prevent decay
To never wither past the sword
And take blows upon the chin
Of the shield so they may stay”

Yep, that city has properly vexed me. I’m happy about it! Maybe even enough to make memories there and maybe have an “Ellensberg Nights”.

Reminding you that my collection Olympia Nights is on Amazon, ready for pre-order at a dollar a piece you get 56 poems I have penned about my experiences in Olympia! It’s a story, it’s made memories, it’s reality! Check it out here!

And speaking of poetry, I have recently taken some great care to overhaul the poetry page on the site, and I’m happy to say that my full archive is now up for looking through! Used to be, I was capped at showing you a hundred out of the hundreds of my poems, but I’ve worked it out so that everything can be seen! Curious to see something I wrote back in March of 2015? There’s a section for that now, and you can get started at this link: Poetry!

Today I’ve been listening to “Alive” by Battle Tapes. Their album Form just came out and I am enjoying the hell out of it so far. It’s accompanying some job shuffling (possible promotion in the works!), the end of my summer, and an uprising of my pen once again. Hell yeah.

That’s the update on what’s going on in Radio Reality City! Hope you all enjoy, hope you all stick around to listen where the waves go!

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Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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