Metal Fist – Journal 8/20/17

I identify with superheroes and villains who have metal fists. Bucky from Captain America, Doomfist from Overwatch, somehow the idea just resonates with me. Just like I’m a fan of sap gloves and the ancient Roman caestus, as well as knuckle dusters and brass knuckles in general.

Melee combat is fascinating to me. It’s taking natural human ability and amping it up. Just like with heroes with metal fists. Everybody has a fist, but what if it hit much harder than natural? The spectacle is generally neat to me.

Anyways, enough about Doomfist.

Autumn is approaching in August again. I hear crows outside the window and the sunny skies have been painted over by cirrus clouds. Radio Reality City was founded on the image of a crow, and so I’m reminded of the origin story.

My high school art mentor gave us the assignment to figure out our “power animal” and man a collection of drawings of said animal. We had to have a reason for the animal we chose, and so people who chose wolves because they were “alone and wise” were quickly shut down.

I chose a crow. With the reason being that I found myself to be common, and loud. Crows are also quite an intelligent bird, having a decent memory and remembering faces for their lifetime. Never thought they would also be a symbol of autumn, but they are associated with Halloween and I should have realized that a little sooner.

This journal’s excerpt will be from “Smoke Staver”:

“In the old rain
That now purges the haze
And assaults the intrusion”

I wrote this after going to Ellensberg. This one was about the recent British Columbia wildfires and how their smoke came and cloaked Washington in a haze for a week or so. Storms came in and wiped it away. After you break through the mountain pass, Ellensberg is in a world of its own and I’m really quite vexed by it out there all alone.

It’s an hour drive from North Bend, and North Bend is already pretty isolated at the base of the mountains where the Western Washington portion of the state ends. After the Snoqualmie Pass, the Eastern side begins even though you’re Central. The mountains act as a shield and stop all the cold weather from crossing the state. So Central Washington is normally many degrees warmer than it is at my house.

I like how alone an entire city is, and the history that led it to be where it is.

I used to be quite taken by Olympia, but things seem like they’ve cooled off on it thanks to recent events. I think Ellensberg has taken me as a muse quite completely. Even to consider going to Central Washington University because of it.

Short journal today. Still a lot of thoughts cascading around and even more to put onto paper.

Thanks for breaking 5,000 views this year so far! Not bad for a little self-publishing thing of mine!

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