Misplacement – Journal 8/7/17

Found a tripod suitable to fit into a MOLLE shotgun scabbard I happen to own thanks to airsofting! And today I’m out and about Pierce County looking for a suitable MOLLE backpack to be able to have. For you military enthusiasts browsing this little journal, I have had an ALICE modular backpack system for a few years now, but I want to upgrade the the prior mentioned MOLLE loop system.

For those not in the know, MOLLE is basically the webbing on the backs of backpacks you might see in outdoors/military oriented shops. The stuff is very useful because you can get all kinds of pouches and attachments to make what is essentially a backpack into a 3 day assault pack, just depending on what system of gear you’re using.

So I’m looking for one of these backpacks, a massive yet manageable one like the ALICE frame I have now, with MOLLE webbing. That way I can have all my stuff in one backpack. That was a lot of military speak, wasn’t it?

On to writing business! Much has happened since the last journal, including but not limited to purchasing a tripod, coffee from Anthem, a wicked awesome Cat in the Hat shirt, and Jon Snow’s sword: Longclaw. The tripod is amazing, and definitely does its job regarding the 2 pound fucking lens I have for the Canon now. It’s great, but I really can’t wait to take it up Mount Si. 6 more days to go! I’m also kicking around the idea of trying to include images into Olympia Nights. It would take some doing, but I think it is doable within the pre-order window. We’ll see what happens.

Now really onto writing business, because I promised that in the last paragraph. I was able to kill my rut momentarily by setting up my room to be more writer-friendly for myself. I bought two easels to hold open my notebooks while I’m typing on my laptop. Stops me from messing around with turning pages and keeping them held open when I’m transposing something. But the rut was momentarily killed, only momentarily, and now I’m back into writing a lot but not having anything finished. I’m still chalking this up to be the summer, but in a different way than normal.

This summer I have been experiencing a lot. Perhaps more than any summer before. Some really really hard hitting events have happened since mid-June, yet here I am, and with an absence of completed poems to make up for it.

I used to mock the idea of forcing yourself to write, but fuck I can totally feel that frustration now. The difficulty is in getting the words started. I know that all too well, but for some reason I’m stopped by another wave of something happening. People coming into my life. Connections severed. Words found in old notebooks and brought back from forgetfulness.

This excerpt will be from “Superhot”, a poem based off of the game of the same name:

“You must ignore

And be ready to
Think about what’s
Next to do

Can’t snap
So we wait
And think
Where we’re going”

I totally recommend you check it out if you’re interested in twists on the FPS genre. It’s definitely needed some spicing up by itself and Superhot is a nice three hour campaign morsel to hold you over. Lot of fun!

And also check out Olympia Nights, now on Amazon for pre-order!

I hope you’ve noticed a trend in the titles of these journals, in that they kind of convey the general feeling of when I write them. Today’s is called Misplacement because “Loss” would have been too short and too hard and fast to call what I’m feeling right now. Just generally displaced. But I’ve already written a poem about that.

Hopefully this sheds some light on Radio Reality City. It’s a human entity because it’s filled with interaction and experience. Everybody gets something different. Its reputation to you might not be the same as it is to me, and nobody sees it the same way.

That’s Reality City for you.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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