My Type

My type of girl
Doesn’t have to travel the world

I want a girl who’s body
Can be read like a book

My type of girl can go
Drink for drink with me

Maybe a girl who I can
Kiss through cigarette smoke

A girl that might have dyed hair
Though I really don’t care

As long as

I meet a girl who’s into me
Like I’m into her

My type of girl
Is kinky as hell

A kind of girl that still knows
What I want for my birthday

My type of girl will
Kill cockroaches for me

She’ll know my starbucks order
And have hugs from heaven

A girl that likes my voice
And has a sick sense of humor

My type of girl
Has a fantastic ass

And whips me mad
By being near her

Emotional physical
Cliched soul bonding

Bullshit is what I like

My type of girl
Won’t mind me talking so much

She’ll like it riding

And bumping to music
On our way to wherever

Just as long as she’s with me
And I can be with her

She’s my type
If she likes me more than cats

And if she can be okay
And independent without me

My type of girl has a world
All her own

That I can get lost in
And enjoy all the while

My type of girl will let me
Wander in the experience

Of being with her

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