Recreational Scowling – Journal 8/3/17

New lens arrived. Having 6 times the power of my old lens is a little intimidating, and it has also taught me that I definitely need a new tripod to keep the thing steady. So that’s part of tomorrow’s conquests!

In other news, British Columbia is burning down, and now Puyallup looks like San Bernardino with the haze in the air and red setting sun. It’s fantastic! The smoke layer is so thick it’s actually shielding the region from the higher temperatures from the sun, so good on ya, Canada!

In other other news! I’ve got a poetry collection coming out on Amazon on the 21st of September!

Olympia Nights will be able to be purchased for a single dollar starting on 9/21/17, to coincide with the autumn equinox! It’s all so artsy, can’t you tell?

olympia nights cover.jpg
Pre-Order Olympia Nights here!

I feel the need to get into the habit of making collections here and there about specific topics and putting a lot of good resources into making them real. This is the start of that, boasting a whole 58 poems all wrapped up in a nice ebook bundle. All thematically similar, as well! Follow along with the story if you can keep it all straight.

With the announcement of Olympia Nights comes another announcement! These are great! I’m going to be editing Natural and updating it into a special edition! More details, some corrections that a beta reader only just caught while reading the purchasable version (how embarrassing) and putting it up. Details coming soon on what’s to be included!

In the meantime, I’ve fallen into a schedule of publishing here at last. Regular poetry will be published every day at 6 a.m. (subject to change on busy weekend days), and extra stuff happens after three! Journals will typically be put out in the evenings when everything finally slows down and I can type them out. It’s more fun that way, anyhow.

On the writing front, we’re seeing some good progress! I forced myself to sit down last night right here at my newly established command center. Featuring my printer, incense, and easel for notebooks on the left (as well as all of my printed work), my laptop front and center, and a spot for my camera and drinking cups on the left. Light systems in the back, hooked up to my music so I could have some damn peace and quiet to myself to go Somewhere Else.

This excerpt will be from “Zen Ana”:

“At the bottom
Of a page
I’ll be an

To explain

What I did
And my name

What definitions
My impact has
In this book’s
Chapter’s verse

How the stars
Will be drawn
So long after
I’m gone”

As writing is very important to me, people are, too.

You ever look around at the people around you and wonder how you will appear in a biography of theirs later on? What will your footnote say when your name appears in someone else’s story? How can you know? This concerns me greatly. I’m in the business of capturing, and making memories.

I ache to remember, but at the same time we’re all kind of selective about what we save in our heads. We repress and suppress a lot of the bad stuff and even sometimes see the bad through rose-tinted camera lenses. It’s important to remember it all. Otherwise, what memories do you have?

Are you stuck with a life that has never been challenging and thrown you a real hurdle? Has everything just been wonderful all the time? No. That would be unrealistic.

We’re all about reality here at Radio Reality City, and I’m sharing it all as much as I can.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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