Guilty Pleasure

Yeah, motherfucker
Taking shots of
Whipped strawberry
Rockstar energy

Drink in my
Passenger seat

It’s all a big joke
As we listen to
“Shut the Fuck Up”
And blast it
In a hive of
Millennials and

It’s all a big joke
My friend buys
Fidget spinners
And vape boxes

I’m not a whore
But we’re gonna hit up
The Taco Bell where one
Of my exes works at

On our way
To our old high school
Staff parking, no permit
Don’t give a shit

Stopping by just to say
Hello to a few old teachers
Blending in with the crowds
Of teeming angst and

How solitary
Cute, nearly
These middle schoolers
That fight over girls
At the park in public

And the clouds of posh
Blown from the lips of
People who think it’s better
Than cigarettes

How pathetic

Dabbing like we’re ‘faggots’
And making fun of longboarders
While I’m dating a girl
Who’s into it

It’s all a big joke
Stereotypes in the wild
This can’t possibly be real
What’s even happening anymore

Trump jokes: we got ’em

Shots of rockstar
We have those too
“Close your fucking mouth
You’re just really fucking dense”

As we’re driving with our
Windows down
Like someone else
For this is down

This is our freak kingdom
A day and age
Not of knights
But for the fake

And fuck it all
Let’s god damn partake

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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