Bring a Brand – Journal 7/17/17

I’m listening to “Thursday in the Danger Room” by Run the Jewels, this Monday morning. A lot of words are resonating with recent events and I’m finally having time to figure out what I’m thinking these days. Maybe this housesitting thing this weekend isn’t so bad after all. Just jarring.

True to form, I was able to make a poem out of Friday night, a follow-up to what I’m told is a legendary Virgo Olympus. Which itself already has a follow-up in Abstergo Invictus. This new one, Inferno In Stillness, is a direct sequel, not inspired by. This is following the same story as Vexillology, and all the rest that describe Olympia.

This journal’s excerpt will be from Inferno In Stillness:

“The cult of sorrow has
Captured the experience

Played by records, this
Inferno in stillness

Reality City in cinders
But breathing into morning
Still the city is alive
And I too am, once again

Maybe donning a new brand
But bringing to my face a hand
And listening to the jingling
Memories that made these things”

I specifically reference Virgo Olympus’s last lines in the first quatrain here. Immediately following is a reference to Murmur. There’s enough poem to call it an epic, I think. It’s all about recursion and is an artistical sorting out of the thoughts in my last journal that fragmented across three days, as I tried to collect myself.

Thirty minutes before I get to go to work and be in an environment where I don’t worry. Where I’ll write again now that this mythic subject is overcome.

This inspirational streak hasn’t run dry yet, and I’m going to run this fucker into the ground. The problem with being motivated to create is that you normally can’t turn on the tap and just make something that means anything. But, the counter to not being able to create whenever you want is to absolutely take the opportunity by the throat and bash it against the wall until you get all that you can out of it. You take it and go. These are the times where you really need to sit and go at it, while the energy is there. With that energy, you make art because it means something, not for the sake of making art.

As such, I’ve finally collected a few poems I’ve been writing this month and finally put a period on them, finalizing and archiving them.

You may have noticed lately that my publishing schedule has been hectic. I’m hoping one day I can publish my stuff at the rate of a calculating corporation, but the truth is life gets in the way. I have points I want to hit and deadlines I want to meet, but I can’t do that sometimes. Sometimes I make an impromptu trip to Olympia, am out until 2 AM, and have to pull a double shift at work the next day after four hours of sleep.

Radio Reality City is my last bastion if anything else fails. If wordpress tanks, I will buy my own servers and pay the monthly costs to keep this all online. I’m not losing it. As far as publishing goes, there is always a want to regularly create and put it out here.

Needless to say, it’s been quite an anomalous week.

Hopefully, we’re back to regularly scheduled programming!

If you’re new or just visiting, welcome! And if you’ve been here since the beginning, I hope this clarifies some things! I’m trying to be more transparent, but also want to start publishing articles that include the processes and inspirations behind some of my writing. What would help other creators create? Please let me know in the comments below! I want to be a helpful outlet, as well as an artistic one. I can be pretentious, but I want to be practical, too.

Happy reading, everyone, and happy Monday! Go listen to “Thursday in the Danger Room”!

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