Jungle of Hell

Start running
Door’s open we’re coming

We will set
Fire to the fire ones
Build bridges of victory
On the backs of skeletons

We will fall
Towers long
To land on top of
Your barons of hell

Doors open in ambush
And our answer
Is to uppercut
Some fuckin’ heads off

In the dimension of torture
And pain and depraved
Punishments for the wicked
We’re here by our volition

Jaws of imps fly
We’re ripping arms off
To beat their owners
To death with them

We don’t rest
Know no restraint
Shot shells in belts
Is all we need

Both barrels
At once
Every time

We will chainsaw you in half
We don’t mess
But with mess in your death

In your home
Splattering bullets
And buckshot in your
Flesh and our metal

Send your soldiers
And possessed
We’re the best

We will pull your spine
From your chest

Beat you with a wrench
Break your horns and
Slit your throat
With their ends

We don’t stop
No going away

You devils don’t expect
In stygian pits
To be what’s fun

For us

We’ve got machine guns
That fire rockets
And gauss rifles
In our pockets

Can fit a fist
To your socket
When it goes through
Your last wish

In the back of your mind
Is where our fingers reach
To rip and tear at what’s there
What’s fear? We’re fear

That we can’t be stopped
We’ll run amok
Damn right and I am right
Knee deep in the dead
And your head is next

Silencing banshee screams
With kinetic energy

Our divisions in the visions
Of breaking your body
With the speed and fury
Of the reckoning we bring

Where the last look
You’ll ever give
Is gonna be at us
As your teeth go missing

And your buddies burn up
In fission ammunition
Terror on your face
As we really hit it off

And then
We just keep

Kill us
If you can

We don’t speak
We communicate
In the corpses
Of demons we leave

“Fuck out of here”

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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