Uncanny Mannequins

Dark skies
Dark city

Lights popping
Glass rattles to streets
Lonely and windowless
No place to hide

But among all the shade
There are things
Not human
Mannequins unflinching

They follow you

Staring at you
With lifeless desire
To make you one of them

Stood frozen
Like they were once
Calmly walking
But necks twisted to you

Eyes like buttons
Sewn on and looking
A thousand yards
Through you

You may turn around
And back again
And there they will be
Much closer

Don’t move
But they reach far
When you look back
They reach for you

Hungry, falling,
Mid-sprint, it seems
Stopped short
Only your gaze

Try to escape
Run away

Turn your back
Around again

Faces canvas base
With anticipation
At hurting you

They trek
Same as soon
As you turn back
To see them close in


By the crowd
Forming a
Mob of the kind
That was never alive

Plastic hands
Wish to throttle
Your neck

Beat you
To death

Turn around
Back again

Acrylic iris
Than it
Should have been

Mere meters now
Could hear its pulse
If it were breathing

Then as you turn
An arm
Of plastic and steel

Hits your head hard

You turn to see
A mannequin
With uncanny face
Of evil glee

In the distance
Another streetlight


A flicker
Where nothing
Could be under
It were quicker
Than a mannequin

Another small mob
Appears there

Casual wear
White plastic bare


Stepping back
More behind you
A bleeding forehead
And nothing to show

But the mannequin
Who struck you
And all of his
Friends blank smiling

Glass breaks nearby

Try to escape
Run away


They will
When you
Aren’t looking



Try to escape
Run away

They follow you

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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