Realization Radiation

Anyone would lose
To you

So many songs
About the one
That got away
And you know,

You’re that
For me

Mere moments
Can explode

That energy you once
Gave me
Lays waste to a
Nuclear plant

And out of its tank
It radiates everything

Cyanide tastes like
Pepper on a meal
With meat cured by
Half lives

Like I could never
Bring myself to
Ask you out again

But I do

I much want to be
Crazy in love
And carefree
As can possibly be

But how realistic
These thoughts
Is something I can’t see

Who dares wins when
You get up and

Would you like
To get
Together sometime?”

Like my addiction hasn’t
Taken pages and pen ink
Enough already
But I wish to taste the

Mental spice
Between my lips
And see what fits

And ships


What am I even

These words I spin
You’ll never read
Like I’m locked
In a tower

And can see the land
From my
Vantage I can’t singe
More sheets of paper
With a friction hot
Pen nib

I take a seat
At my desk and
Write something fresh
That you won’t ever see

Did I think
These words would
Make you think about
Seeing how I see you now?

I don’t
Even know anymore
What I get out of writing
Things like this

But I can and I do
Maybe this is something you
Will see one day
And make you think of me

Realization radiation
Fallout from a breakup
Now half a life ago
And now I think I know

That once again a wave
Has hit
And you’re something
I want again

It’s bad to say
Like I haven’t seen
That thinking things
Like this doesn’t do shit

Yet here I write
In the vague hope
That someone will read this
And at least fucking know

Anyone would lose
To you

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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