Anthem Order – Journal 6/9/17

As I’m blossoming into and adult and having money at my disposal to do frivolous things with I am quickly learning that life isn’t about having money, it’s about spending it.

What I do I choose to spend my money on these days? Food! I’m going through another god damn growth spurt just as I’m about to turn 20. Isn’t that stupid? Who does that? My jeans nearly don’t fit me again! It’s like I’m 14 once more.

And speaking of being 14 once more, when I was 14 I listened to a lot of deeper EDM stuff than I do these days. That hip Electronic Dance Music that kids listen to these days at festivals. I was really into Knife Party, Porter Robinson, and of course Skrillex. Over the years, I’ve transitioned away from those in favor of less brash sounds such as early Xilent stuff, and Deadmau5. Synthwave, too, has recently been a thing.

Yet these days I’m dipping back again into the EDM scene. Trigger Warning EP, Redfoo, Chainsmokers. It’s all coming back to me, and it’s actually pretty great. Fun music that knows it’s supposed to be fun is great. Which is why hair metal bands of the 80’s are so much fun to listen to, still.

Your Ratts, Don Felders, Def Leppards, Motley Crues, Quiet Riots, Skid Rows, all that stuff still exists in the sounds of a scene that no one could see coming.

So that’s what I’m doing these days, going to Anthem coffeehouses and listening to EDM. Also work, work’s good, and writing.

As the spring quarter comes to a close, I have taken up the object of building a guerrilla magazine to go out with a bang in my Advanced Writing class. We have about 12 authors and we’ll be putting something out in print come Monday, with much work to do across the board this weekend. Busy, busy!

As for me, I’m sustaining a good high energy burn after getting back into EDM. Yesterday my college had a festival of sorts as an appreciation day for all the students. Free food and free events as long as you signed a waiver. My friend Cam and I decided to go ahead and get stupid. It was raining. We went down a slide that was not meant to be out in the rain. 6 times. And you know what? It was probably one of the most absurdly fun things I’ve ever done. Especially as I was blasting #SELFIE on my phone every time we went down. There was a rock wall. We went up that, too. They were giving out backpacks and frisbees and flash drives. We got us some of that, too.

Fun day. Got home drained, though, as evidenced by my not posting much (apologies!).

Today is quite similar, except that I started it drained and am actively looking to pick myself up, which has resulted in my putting out this journal as I use the wifi of my workplace, 20 minutes before I’m meant to clock in. Not a bad thing, but as much as I put out, I’m more worried about quality over quantity.

This journal’s excerpt is from “Lost at the Spaceport”:

I’m not a cowboy
But I’ll beebop
My ass to Mars and back
If it means I get some cash

I’m lost at the spaceport
And there’s this stupid robot
Trying to talk to me

Trying to get me to
Buy all kinds of things
For my ship that I don’t need”

Explicitly harking to The Clash’s “Lost at the Supermarket”, but focusing on space piracy and just scraping by.

I’m two coffees, a Red Bull, and a medium drink from McDonald’s into my day, so let’s see where the day could possibly go. I’m excited!

Today I’m listening to Xilent’s ‘Kill Me’. Good track, vibey start. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys something hard and fast. Builds up, then knocks down.

Kind of like me when I’m without energy, so let’s not do that. Time to go change into uniform, so I must be going.

However, we’re only 3 away from breaking 200 listeners here at Radio Reality City, and I hope those of you here enjoy the recent redesigns! I’ve put a lot of effort into getting the backgrounds all nice and the menus to be flashier.

Keep on listening and keep on reading! Thank you so much for sticking with it!

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Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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