Zailent Spring OS

It’s spring
We’re in the recursion quarter
In this season
Of sun and green

To the future I lean
With my digital digits
Clacking away on my
Keyboard once again

With these light gales
Of finger-falls
Do I find the grace in

May on the horizon
And these zailent
Revolutions are playing
Out over and over again

They bring with them the hope
As I fabricate and
Spin my webs
And trap the spring as prey

The lightest breeze
Across my arms and face
As I sit and contemplate
Of what to make

Of what brew shall this
Rock be hewn
Like the acid in these
Keyboard keys I turn and weave

Another energy
Another Spring
Into summer Zailent and free
May is the next time for me

This is my system
The ultimate OS
Reborn to run to the
Edge of the world

After the fall
And the reality
We’re in spring
Once again

Now they type and unlock
Because it’s what’s right
And the force that compels
One to run rather than walk

I’m back in time to 2808
When music meant everything
And it’s aflame all around
Feel it all around

No doomsday
No fugue state
But spitfire
And lashing the state

Right in
Breakin’ a sweat
We’re reaching the summit
And we’ll make it bun dem

Now there’s bonfires
In rage valley
And the centipedes there
Make fire hives

It’s all in unison
These hopeful fires
By digital digits
And wind for fuel

Revolution of environments
Yearning for bright nights
Partly cloudy and storming
Skies never dropping down

Could this be
The sunhammer
Coming to
Split the atom


We are virtual

Gone nuclear and alive
And this fire’s our battle siren

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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