Infinite Ammo – Journal 6/1/17

I just had a long conversation with my sister about the perils and difficulties of blogging. How in the hell can I expect to relate to you who is reading this?

We’re all people floating through a void of space, possibly along, probably depressed by the infinitesimally small span of existence each of our lives lays out, and angsty as hell. So where do we go from here? We communicate.

One of the most fundamental things about human relationships is that we have such extensive forms of communication, to the point that we have humor, trickery, and horror. Humans fabricate tragedy, come up with stories to explain the weather, and make gods in oral traditions that echo for thousands of years in culture. The Nordic peoples never thought that in a thousand years, a Marvel film would portray their beliefs set across the backdrop of a continent that hadn’t yet been discovered by a people that would have yet to inhabit.

It’s crazy. How can I relate to you?

I’m human. There’s one step. Two step fun being that I’m able to communicate. We can have Google translate this site into any language. Most likely error-ridden, but the ideas can remain somewhat intact. I live in America, which is a big deal right now for political reasons, though I haven’t stood atop that soapbox yet. In short, I think it’s dangerous to associate with any massive groups like that. All of a sudden, others can associate individual group member’s motivations and traits to you, even when they don’t apply. You associate, and thus are guilty of things everyone else is.

This is where we encounter one of the more interesting ideas of human life. We associate as human. All of us. There’s no denying that, and if you’re willing to take me up on it, I’ll take you to task right back.

We live in a world where cybergoths are a thing. Fucking cybergoths. Have you seen the way these people congregate and dance to industrial electro music? It’s fucking stupid.

But that’s coming from me. I have my own personal traditions and strange holidays, but I don’t associate them with anyone that isn’t me. Honestly, I love humanity. I love the strange things that people do, and I love that shit like cybergoths exist because that would mean that humanity has reached a point where it really doesn’t have to fight much to survive. Communities form in lounging environments where there isn’t much to do. We rest, and we associate with those like minded.

Assuming you’re here because you’re human, there must be something you find in all this. Existential crisis aside, something has drawn you here. A search on a website made by someone else, on a device who’s parts were manufactured in a factory by robots designed by people you’ll never know, who’s very ideas came about because humans had nothing left to do but to break through the ceiling.

You should wake up every day and be proud to associate with the good in humanity, and strive to nurture its arts, expressions, and good feelings.

I’m carrying infinite ammunition walking around and trying to make as many people as happy as I can before my short lifespan finally eeks out its last breaths. Why do anything else? Why would you spend your days being miserable and burdened when, even if just mentally, you can try to do some good every day. Say thank you to the man that sells you gas. Make people next to you laugh.

I have a lot of respect that can do such things on much greater scales than me, on screen, in literature. Hopefully I can join those ranks one day. But that is not today.

Today, I’ve decided I’m going to start publishing more poems per day (PPD, if you will). I have a massive surplus, and having written 8 poems yesterday (which right now would mean 8 days of content) I’ve decided it wouldn’t hurt to be able to publish closer to the point that I actually write some of these. It’s June now, and I’ve just started to get into publishing poems from April.

And on the actual writing part, you know that black book I’ve been writing in? I lost both silver pens I have for it. And pens cost money, and I have other notebooks and plenty of black pens, so I’ve made the transition to a hand-me-down Japanese notebook my sister has given me a while back. Time to strike into new paper.

My sister, Jade, used to write on once upon a time. I think that particular domain has fallen out of use, but she still has one in use somewhere. When I find it I’ll make sure to plug it here someplace. She’s the one who originally inspired me to get a website back when she was super into it. Many other authors I’ve enjoyed the works of have said there is incredible value in owning an outlet like this, and to use it as I’m using it now. Hopefully it’s relatable.

Jade’s been published in the California State University of San Bernardino literary magazine, The Pacific Review. Long before I thought myself as a writer, she was already at it. I owe to her the use of that Canon camera I love so much, and now a notebook that I will put to good use. I try to get her to write sometimes by asking if she’s done anything recently. Nothing yet. But here’s me hoping.

In terms of my writing, I have a lot to do. I have J-Day workshops to finally be going through, I’ve got to critique another peer’s stuff for Advanced Writing today, and then I get to go through and edit down and save the last of the things I wrote yesterday. And then write more today.

I’ve decided to do this thing as well in journals where I post an excerpt from a poem I’ve recently been working on. So here’s a selection from ‘Powerful’:

“Beautiful form
In every meter

Book chapter verse

Your body
A rhythmverse”

And that should spice some stuff up and drive anticipation. That’s quickly becoming one of my favorite words.

Still on the to-do list is to do some more stuff with Unadulterated, maybe do some critique stuff, and then see what the timeline will be for when I start posting more every day, starting today.

Well on the 30th, we crossed more views so far this year than all of 2016, and we’re nearly about to hit 200 people subscribed and tuned in! “We gotta pump those numbers up!” Pretty exciting stuff if I say so myself.

Meanwhile, let’s get some more stuff online. Be inspired, take something and take it yours! Thank you once again for tuning in, everybody. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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