Brownie Baptism – Journal 5/13/17

There’s a common wisdom kind of thing that says when you sit down to have an incredibly rich confection, you have a glass a milk to neutralize the rich flavor. Tonight I’ve had a delicious brownie after having nothing else to consume but two cans of coke, coffee, a french dip sandwich, two Mcdonald’s cheeseburgers, another coke, and some fries. And then there’s milk on top of that. I wonder when my metabolism will catch up with me and I’ll actually have to start caring about what I eat.

So! I got bored the other night and ended up making my own font! That’s right! I’ve got my own font now! I ended up finding a program online where you can download worksheets, print them, write the alphabet on it (along with a couple of characters), and then scan it back to get a font of your handwriting. [Site here: click me!]

I present to you the font Jakish5! 3wrkshps Jakish5. This is a packet for Advanced Writing workshops that I’ll be going over come Tuesday. I had already made a version of it with Times New Roman, but Jakish5 is something I’m actually kind of happy to have. It’s rather neat, and if you like taking control of all your creations, I feel like having your own font is really cool for having that super personal touch. Admittedly, because fonts are uniform by design, this font is actually a lot cleaner than my normal writing. If I could find a way to upload it so that you all could download, I would! But that doesn’t look like it’ll happen, so there’s the packet for now to look at. You should try it yourself! This is the kind of thing that’s literally your intellectual property!

I’ve got a cool set of photos taken from a recent storm in my area, where oil slicks were abundant and as a few of you may have seen those reflection pictures in the puddle such as the one posted from today. There’s still a few of those. When I was shooting Bands I felt like I was staring at something Jovian, nearly. I love pictures like that.

Luckily, I’ve been meeting some really cool people who will probably get me the opportunity to be bemused by all kinds of neat landscapes and awesome experiences. I’m nearly 20! This stuff has to happen sometime, and I absolutely love being in a situation that will make me produce content. Still working at it. I have a moleskine from my birthday last year that will most likely be finished by the end of this month, and that’s crazy to think. My small notebook I take to work (featured in Nomad) is nearly finished, too.

I’m curious, as well, what have you all thought of Slam, Bitch, Slam? That was such a damn touchy poem. Angsty bullshit in one of its purest forms. And I had to make it slammable. For my first crack at a real attempt, I’m really happy with it, but damn is it depressing and cliched as hell.

Also feel free to comment, you guys. I’ve had a couple people take interest enough to comment and you would not believe how incredible it is to come back to after a horrible day. You are all amazing. Keep reading. Keep being amazing.



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