Whatever – Journal 5/1/17

You guys are the god damn best. From the start of 2017 to today, I have officially gotten more visitors than I did all of 2016. Thank you all so much for being here.

Today I’m listening to Walking In A Dream by Empire of the Sun, in addition to some selections by Dance With the Dead. And well, it’s been a few days that I’ve been away! In that time, all manner of very very neat things have happened.

Firstly, I’m being published tomorrow. Pierce College’s SLAM for 2017 is coming out, and it’s got my name on it with Splatter Masquerade, Wrong Number, and Rosy White Alcove being the next three poems of mine to be published by a third-party, and I am so excited to attend the reception on campus.

Secondly, since I am on the board of SLAM, have the editor-in-chief as a really neat professor, am taking a class with said professor in the form of Advanced Writing, have a reputation of always having my camera on me, and have a portfolio of photography in the form of things I post here, I’ve been asked to be a photographer for the event! Which means A REALLY COOL OPPORTUNITY IS HERE ON MY HORIZON.

I’m almost excited to wake up as if it was Christmas. Mayday’s just the day before I take life and give it a real reckoning.

But today was pretty great, too. Waking up in my SO’s bedroom at 5am before driving to Seattle to drop her off. Then back to home, hitting my campus at 8:30am or so and having nothing to do for a few hours but write and listen to Hypnotize. I went to my first class, dozed off, and decided with my break between classes I should nap. I did that.

So, I’m taking this chemistry class this quarter, and it is sort of brutal. I am not a hardcore STEM (science technology engineering mathematics) student, not by any definition. But I need to fulfill a natural science credit for a general associate’s degree, ergo chemistry again. Unfortunately the class I took is meant to be a lead in to a higher-level class. I did not know this when I registered for it. I’m surviving by scrapping through all the math and fighting tooth and nail. I’m even taking notes and that absolutely never happens.

And today my professor began by saying “Today we’re going to learn the fundamentals of QUANTUM MECHANICS”. You know that thing that’s really cool and fun to exploit in science-fiction? Makes you sound like a sophisticated prick when you start to brag about knowing it? Holy fucking hell, hearing that sentence in class today brought me right out of my sleepy haze. So now apparently I’m learning about quantum fucking mechanics, and I’m not sure I’m terribly happy about that!

But I did take notes. I could write a poem about it! It’s gonna include quarks and electrons!

Notebooks are blank, pens full, iPods at full battery. We’re back in full force at Radio Reality City! Thank you all for continuing to tune in, and as usual, keep on keeping on! More incoming, and soon a gallery of tomorrow’s festivities!


Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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