A Proper Adult – Journal 4/26/17

Yesterday I woke up early and acted like an adult for once. How often is it that I, a 19 year old in Washington state, get out and get to do things I might want to do? Not often, it turns out! Got out, went to a coffee spot for what they call a sunrise (literally a can of Full Throttle energy drink poured in a cup and then mixed with a flavoring syrup), and then popped by an old mentor’s place of work to check up on him and make some damn art! Then I went to my advanced writing classes to go get workshopped riding on high vibes and listening to Notorious B.I.G.

Sometimes I wonder if any cabin fever I experience is self-made, because I do own a car and I have a license to drive, but everything costs money to do! I calculated at one point that with my vehicle it costs me about $0.17 to drive round trip to my college campus. I’m stressed as hell because I’m sitting in what is essentially a lunch spot on campus, staring at the kitchen which churns out all kinds of food at price-gouged rates (Hey Lancer, I know your business is built around exploiting college students by monopolizing the vendor space on campus, and that you’re a necessary evil, but fuck you guys. Seriously. $4.99 for a 12 ounce Red Bull when I can get a 20 ounce for the same price at a gas station down the street? What kind of shit is that?).

Temptation is still a tricky mistress! People owe me money and my paycheck comes in on the day that tuition is due. Weighing the odds… what to do?! Who cares, I’ll die eventually and it’ll be capitalism’s fault! Ha! I’ve found the ultimate pseudo-political statement! Now maybe people will misquote me and use the tragedy as an argument in online forums.

260 words in and now maybe I ought to chat about the sweet writing workshopping that went on yesterday!

I brought in number 5 in the Deneb Mythos, which is still a work in progress. Apparently people quite liked the scenes and a little bit of the worldbuilding I introduced! Which is really exciting! I think that draft was one I’ve sat on for a year and a half and I just pick and pick and pick at it until interesting things happen.

Me working on longer writing projects is like using a pickaxe to work at a minefield. That is to say: “There’s gold in them there hills, but in between fucking land mines so good luck.” I don’t have a lot of patience for them, and I just write what I know. It’s good and okay because right now I’m hitting the rocks in between those mines I mentioned. Paydirt. That’s what this latest workshop was. It had a good fight scene, some foreshadowing, introductory characterization, and it’s actually shaping up to be a pretty neat short story. It should be up here within two months! Right after I finish the 4th story in those Deneb Mythos…

As for other forms of writing, I’ve recently taken an interest in Latin to pepper it in to my writing. Ad Mortem, Inimicus! You know what that says? If you do, you’re in on the joke, if not, I’ll tell you. It means “To death, my enemy!” and in its context it is yelled out by a man in full plate armor as he swings a poleaxe overhead to kill his opponent. Isn’t that fucking awesome? Latin is badass! You can quote me properly on that!

So this latest poem I’ve actually spent near a week on is called Abstergo Invictus. The title means “expel unconquered”, or at least that is one of the many translations for it. I wrote it specifically to compliment Virgo Olympus (which is Greek, in spirit, and if you havem’t read it you should go do that) and there are a number of references and that sort of thing. I am nothing if not self-referencial. Once Abstergo Invictus comes out, you’ll see those similarities in much different scenes. AI is a really heavy and dense one of those poems full of metametaphors and secrets and riddles and all kinds of cool stuff. I’m excited for it! I don’t often spend so long on one piece.

I’m reaching the end of my patience with this damn kitchen full of food in front of me, so I’m gonna go see what I can see. Hope you guys enjoy reading and keep on keeping on!

And a hello to those of you joining me! I’ve seen a small spike in people tuning in recently, so welcome!


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