Association Nation – Journal 4/22/17

Songs are a pretty damn powerful thing to me. You’ve no doubt noticed how I point out some of my favorite artist, Xilent’s work on my journal pretty often, so here’s why I do that.

I moved to Washington in December of 2012 at the ripe age of 15. By that point I had very little to busy myself on a car ride, and even back then music was incredibly important to me. So there I went, listening, listening, to electronic of all kinds. I had recently seen a video where someone made a montage of Rooster Teeth’s Red Vs. Blue series, set to the song Gravity by Xilent. So began my infatuation with his music.

Before the road trip from San Bernardino, California to Bonney Lake, Washington, I had gone onto Youtube and found another song of his, Evolutions Per Minute, and I ripped it from online. That shitty, low-quality rip was what I was listening to when the car I was in crossed the border from Oregon to Washington somewhere near Portland. Of course, I had yet to understand what it all meant yet. To me, I was simply entranced by the bridges, waterways, tall towering buildings, and the feeling of knowing I was leaving what I had used to call home.

When my parents found an apartment here and we got internet, I was on a warpath to find more of Xilent’s music. I got a lot of what I could. Multishapes, Choose Me, Spectre, these were my staples in music when I started high school at Puyallup High School in 2013.

Since then, music has only ever played more of a part in my life. Music will remind me of California, and more often than not Xilent will release a song that I will form an association with in some way or another. His song Reality was released in fall of 2014, a pivotal point in my life that I have now so deeply taken to mean that it’s become a part of my whole literary thing Radio Reality City.

Xilent’s Your System EP came out when I was housesitting for my sister, and now the bond that album has with the time I heard it in is inseperable.

Kill Me came out later last year, and I was in North Bend when it hit. That song to me means something cold, something airy and mystical, now. Like I’m a cameraman on a helicopter, and the pilot’s taking me through Tibet.

His songs tend to lend themselves to these interpretations and associations really easily. I don’t know why they have such a huge effect on me. It only takes about a week for me to get going on tying one of his songs to my life. What I think this has done is give me a weird abstract range of things I often like to write about.

I’m a multimedia kind of guy, and I wish I could do more than write sometimes. Music, photography, film, writing, spoken word, all of that is stuff I wish I could do a lot better than I can do now. So I try to use my strength of writing to exploit the other genres out of myself.

I’ll write about the feelings I get when listening to a song. What images it gives me. I’ll try to make a full blown plot in a poem, and I call that Storetry. It’s all to make up for things I can’t normally do. I try to express it in writing.

It’s no wonder, then, that Xilent has become a powerful influence in my work. I try to imitate his themes in his work, his beat patterns, his musical progressions, and generally try to mimic the way he makes music in a lot of my writing. Listen to any of his songs, and you might see a connection there. There’s always something interesting going on behind the scenes.

Anyways, that’s a journal I wrote about 4 days ago and just got around to posting. The original date of publication was meant to be the 18th! Not today, the 22nd.

Yet here you are!



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