Another Round

Go Away
It’s anything you want

Don’t talk to me like that
(Even then I do it to you)

And be here after I tell you
We should take the day off

Because I’ll get mad if you’re not
You need to ask me what’s wrong
When I’m upset

‘Cause I won’t tell you

I’ll do things that are bad for us
But it’ll help me feel much better

Please apologize
For everything you did wrong
But don’t at all worry
About the things I won’t say sorry


Does it matter much to you
How much these things
I have thought through?

Because it doesn’t matter
Where it started
This fight’s gonna snowball
‘Till I’m martyred

And the cracks in my skin
Sink like deep gorges
Into the baths
And bathos

Of neverending conflict

Where the buds shed blood
And humanity is torn
From the soldiers on the field

We’re beasts of emotion


Your logic means nothing to me
But when you turn emotional
I’ll start being sensible
And want to fix this

I’m only sending you a “K”
Because you wouldn’t like it
If I said “Fuck you”

When you ask what’s wrong
I’ll tell you it’s stuff
Or nothing

Stop trying to be positive
I’m gonna call you anything
I can just to make myself feel better

Go away
But don’t go away

Stop taking things literally

Apologize in the face of my
Fucking threats
Or I’m not coming back

I’d love to say fuck you so much
So instead I’ll say “K” again

It’s a trap
Ignore what I said and instead
You should do the opposite

I don’t believe in compromise
Apologize unconditionally

You’re going to have to
Write about it
And not tell me what you’re feeling
Because if you do it’ll offend me

But when I say something mean to you
You better shut your mouth

And don’t talk back

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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