Adding to the… – Journal 4/15/17

Catalogue! That’s the last word in that phrase! Because I’m housesitting and that’s the title of a poem I wrote one time that’s about housesitting!

So logic would err on the side of me being able to get a lot of writing done for once, but you have to understand, when I’m housesitting I take a pretty decent vacation from myself for as long as I can. But that doesn’t mean I’m not writing, of course. I feel like I say that a lot. Which is fine! I’m a writer! It’s what I do!

In the spirit of that, I have recently found a notebook that is perfect for keeping at work. When I get back to a place where I can see its brand, I’ll let you guys know because I’d love to plug it! What I can tell you is that it’s red leather wrapped, can have sections of its paper taken out and exchanged for new sections, and it’s truly pocket-sized! At work, we have bits of scrap paper that I write down ideas on (even writing Mossman Cense at work on scrap), and it is entirely unfulfilling to do laundry and suddenly remember you have a week’s worth of ideas on loose leaf paper in your trousers. But this little thing can actually fit in my pocket! It’s pretty awesome and it’s helping keep track of things at work since my moleskine is too big to bring around work. One of my cousins got it for me for Christmas (thank you, Rich). And now I have two notebooks to write in again.

Guess who finished up story three of the Deneb Mythos? That’s right! THIS GUY! COMING TO YOU TOMORROW IS A SHORT STORY. AGAIN. IT’S GREAT.

Since I’m housesitting though, I have slowed down in writing a little bit. I’m busy drinking incredibly strong coffee and having leftover Domino’s that sat out overnight. I have had some strange experiences housesitting. Being away from everything, and kinda supporting myself quasi-adult-like. I can’t get all Jack Nicholas from The Shining, unfortunately, and write 236 pages of whatever the hell he was writing. I still think Stephen King’s “2,000 words a day no matter what” is bullshit. I could do it to save my life, but not on an average damn day.

I’ve found artists, met future girlfriends, been broken up with, gotten sick, watched Breaking Bad, and more or less lived a decent amount of my life while housesitting. I’m feeling quite sick right now, actually!

But a lot of life. Lot of life events. Lot of interesting things. “Catalogue” was written about all that, how strange and ethereal it all is. I might right about it again seeing as I’m here and it’d be a missed opportunity. I think I have to get back home to write again. Housesitting throws my ecosystem completely the fuck off.


ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT AMERICA DROPPED A GOD DAMN MOAB ON AFGHANISTAN? Is this the kind of world we live in? Holy shit, I really still can’t believe that’s a thing that’s now happened. Big deal to me. Fucking crazy to think that is a thing humanity has built and has used now. Truly we live in strange times, but surely I don’t have to be the one to tell you that.

Anyways, I’m feeling more and more sick as I write this. I should mellow out a little bit, so here’s me excusing myself! Hope you’re looking forward to that story tomorrow!

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Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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