Dude… – Journal 4/12/17

Every so often I will write a poem and think to myself that it’s going to be funny posting that up for everyone to see later on. Today was one of those days. Yet with all things indecent I had a moment where I thought I’d bury “It’s Nothing” today by posting a photograph or something. Nah.

So that’s up, meant for my SO, and hoping she’ll see it and message me asking “You seriously put that up and told everyone who it was for?” Fucking right I did. I think it’s funny and it’ll be funny. But what you all don’t know is that whenever I write something for her I print it out so she can put it up on her wall.

This will not be the first time something like this is gonna end up on her wall.

Anyways! Back to being all writerly and shit!

My Advanced Writing class did its first workshops yesterday, and I was first on the chopping block. I brought along a packet of poems that ended up being of a better meddle than what I used to do. This is the ADVANCED WRITING WORKSHOP packet for 4/11/17, and as of now all of these poems are technically unreleased (dated April 2017): workshop 1. My professor for this class is the same one I had a year and a half ago for another, similar class, but wasn’t ALL workshop all the time. She commented about how much my work has improved and changed, noting I’ve tightened down all my work really well and am using more broad allusions instead of sticking to things that mean something only to me. Here is a packet of my work from that class, for comparison (dated December 2015): POETRY IS LOVE. If you look through them you can see that the earlier one is super vague and might not do a lot for an individual reader.

Since my school has shit wifi I’m now continuing from the draft that wordpress so kindly saved for me. Typing on my phone. 

Anyhow, after writing about wanting to continue the Deneb Mythos, I did. Opened up a bunch of the stories I have and edited them a lot. Pages, man! It’s great. I’m hoping one will be finished soon enough to put up!

Outside of writerly business, I found myself at a Chinese food place yesterday and ordered a little something those Rick and Morty fans may have heard of, szechwan chicken, perhaps? It wasn’t that great. I’m normally an orange chicken, General Tso’s kind of guy. Szechwan? Too spicy. SAD!

And back to writerly stuff, I’m looking through my notebook and seeing so many things I still need to digitize. Much to do. 

Today, I’m listening to Uplift, by Xilent! It’s a fantastic track that describes the importance of getting your titles in order and making them mean something. If the song were called “Wrath of God” it wouldn’t seem as happy to me at all. 

Alright, phone’s slowly dying. So I gotta roll! Keep on reading!

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Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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