I miss the young me
The stuff was free me
Hated brushing my teeth
And always ate candy me

Before an innocent me
Getting flowers for his
High school girlfriend
On a Schwinn bike me

I miss the young me
I miss the old me
5’11 since
Middle school me

Playing in the dirt me
6 hours every day me

I miss the old me
I miss who I used to be
Before I had to see what
Being broken up was me

Not knowing what death
Looks like me
Not wondering about the
Next life me

I miss the old me
Straight shooting
Of a kid me

Can’t speak to the things
That the old me did to get
To where I can see his story

I miss the old me
I miss the frozen me
The things potentially
I could have done me

Worrying about
Driving school me
8 dollars
In the bank me

Am I everything I could be

If I sometimes miss the old me?
14 years old me
Before things started
Getting heavy me

Before I learned about bonds me
Those nights I could
Stay up ’till dawn me

I miss the old me
I miss the old me
I miss the old me

Parents on my shoulder
Because their decisions
Were cheap me

Depending on a ride to school me
Ignorant of taxes and crap
Like that me

I miss the old me

And I know he wished for this me
6’1 and 19 me
Driving a Jeep me
Loved and lost and

Loved and lost
And loved and lost me

Known people who’ve OD’d
Seen the effects a bullet
Has on a brain me

Gamestop me
Dressed up in a nice shirt me
A security guard in college
At a college me

Wandering the woods looking
For pot smokers me
Issuing parking tickets as I
Saw fit me

Red light ticket me
Fought it and took it
To the court
Because I can’t afford it me

Paying tuition me
Finding a job me

I miss the old me
Who spent saturday mornings
Playing Timesplitters me

I miss the old me content
With knowing he was doing
Everything right me

Because right now I don’t know
If I’ll ever know if what I’m doing
Is what’s right for me

I fight for me

I miss the old me
Who didn’t have to fight me

I miss the old me
Not all torn up and angsty

Pre-hoodie me
Before I found out what
Liquor tasted like me

Before listening to classmates
And being their psychologist me

Before the weird me
16 wearing knee high boots me

Before the acne and
Weak knees before I
Had confidence me

I miss the old me

Naive and hopeful me

I miss the old me
I miss the old me

I wonder where he
Got frozen before
He just became a part
Of this story

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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