Trigger Warning

Fuck you.
Now that you’ve stopped reading
How dare you oppress me
While you’re ignoring

All the things outside that really
Matter. Beyond a keyboard
Or protest would you really
Take a dagger to

Defend yourself? The Sikhs
Believe in community, but after
9/11 dozens were killed for
Looking like Muslims in America.

So we can have our weed and
Transgender rights, but as soon
As you step on my internet toes
I’ll add to the tears of Zoe Quinn’s

Cultists. Every protest on the
Freeway that stops an ambulance
From getting a dying man to
The emergency room had better

Be for a good reason other than:
Sticks and stones that
Break your bones and the words
That never hurt me.

I’m PC as fuck, broh.
I shaved my head and
Dyed what was left
To look like a rainbow.

I’m bisexual even though I don’t
Like hugging [girls/guys].
Did you just assume my gender
With your cis-scum lies?

Because it doesn’t matter whether
I have eggs in my ovaries
Or cum under my jeans.
When I go to the doctor,

My sexual history is
“Very active” because I
Masturbate so much
To cartoons as

I identify as pony-kin.
Make fun of me one more time
And I’ll skullfuck your eye
And bash your fuckin brains in.

I’m like Jack from The Shining
While Shelly Duvall keeps whining
Over how wrong I am
Or how “hateful” my tumblr is

And I’m brigading everyone else
With the iPad my parents
Bought for me because I can’t
Get hired while having a slant

In my hair that’s half dreadlocks.
Fuck the cops
I see on YouTube and Reddit
Killing only black people ever.

How dare you think I’d listen
To you while I’m so busy
Blogging for everyone
Else to see.

Aren’t I so trendy?

I go to protests and
Post less about how we can
Come together and more
On how I’m better than you.

Sticks and stones
Break my bones
And your words might as well
Kill me.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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