They stand tall
Beside each other,
With the heat of their
Hiss and hum echoing through
The valley.

They reshape maps
When they walk.

They roam and stand
Old as sin,
Strong, and speak,

“This place is a maze.”
They say.
“Those echoes you hear
Take over your mind
And play.”

“It is warm, we know,
But only entering the light
Will cause you to be
Lost to the corners of time.”

Hours, perhaps,
Or even years.

Maybe beyond the
Dusky shadow of the
Titan’s pass
There’s a place for you
To get lost.

Fiber optic flora

Inhabiting the boulder
Cracks and trees
Tough as rock,

To bend your mind,
To lose all that time
And traverse the maze.

Titans see the paths
All their feet fell.

“But you are miniscule
And you won’t fare
Very well.”

“But go on, little one,
You aren’t the first
Who has.”

It’s the sense of wonder,
A will to outlast
All the magic
Like the context spinning
In your thoughts.

“A substance you’d rather
Lose to the maze?”
They’re afraid.

No contest, no where to run
But the maze.

“Look back at things
Conquered and think this
Will be the same?”
A voice bellows.

Behind is something
Too familiar,
Where no horizon hasn’t
Been seen but what lies
Within the Titan’s Maze.

They’re wise, like elders of
Our species, but they speak
Softly and demand us
To see

Why we want
To enter the maze;

What could lie in their vegas
For us to see.

Fiber optic flowers.
Trees tough as rock.

No context: can you outlast?

Is there something more
Beyond the shadow
Of the titan’s pass?

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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