Pfiefer Zeliska

Pfiefer Zeliska

Weighing in at 13 lbs.
Priced at $17,316
With a height of 1’10
And the cylinder capacity to hold
Five 900 grain
.600 Nitro Express
Slugs valued at $40 a round
And firing them at
1,950 feet per second

The Pfiefer Zeliska

Gold-plated and armed
Is a charge stopper,
Halting the most dangerous
Game mid-attack
And putting it down
For good

The .600 Nitro Express slugs
Were invented in the early 1900’s
With the purpose of hunting
Large game on safaris into Africa

In a Nitro Express slug is a
Composition of nitrocellulose
And nitroglycirin,
Marketed with the word ‘express’
To compare it to locomotives
Of the day

Originally intended to be
Chambered with large bolt-action

A cylinder worth $200 may now be
Loaded into a hand cannon

To sit on a stand as a mantle
Piece above a fireplace

Emblazoned with the words:


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