Ohio Undead


Ohio Undead

It was raining earlier
When I ran past you
On the sidewalk

You nodded at me
And I tried to look away
But my eyes lurked
For split seconds enough
To snapshot an image
That I’ll compile with the others
In a growing scrapbook

Of sightings

You gave up on your hair
And now your darker streaks
Bleed through the dyed highlights
In uneven and gorey grafts

You clutch your purse closed
So the contents don’t get soaked

You shouldn’t be wearing
A polka dotted dress and
Thin black leggings
In a downpour

Looking down
At the sidewalk
So the makeup on your face
Doesn’t run
But looking up
When I come
Around the bend
To dart your eyes in shame

But I run
And I run past you

You looked at me to timidly
Say “I know you’re here”
But I still run
Until I get around the corner
And catch my breath

Braced by a brick wall

“… you should have moved by now…”

Heart pounding with murmurs
Disturbed by the
Cold-blooded witch
That should have been long gone

I have so much I want to
Ask you

So much I want to say

I want to take a picture
Just to know I’m not insane

And that you’re not
A haunting ghost
A shimmering mist
Or illusion in my mind

But to stop and speak

To be any sort of kind
And exchange anything

Would turn me colder
Than the soaking rain
We rush to get out
From under

To talk to a ghost
Face powdered white
To suffer a stroke
At the hands of undead

The weather must be nice
In Ohio

But I already knew
As your eyes darted away
That it isn’t raining
In Ohio

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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