Rave Bunny

Rave Bunny

Portable speaker
Wild hair
Eclectic taste
And clothes to wear

Black lipstick
Some frizz
And drug-like ways

With their eyes
Their smile
A group of them
From which you can’t choose

One to cling to
And let take over
Your thoughts
Of madlust

Dredged up
From the depths of
Dregs of

How sickly sweet
Their mini cigars
Smell in between
Two yearning fingers

Wafts of addiction
In between addictive
To infect a sweet hand

Not obvious in intent
But a hint could understand
Where they’ve been
And where they’re going

To tease forever
Where they know
They’ll be seen
All the connections

Where they’ve been
A warm breeze underground
Clubs with neon nails
And get free drinks

From the impulse
Of those magnetized
And compelled to leak
Rave bunnies their feed

On Molly
On Acid
On Ecsta-

See you in the scene

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