DOOM: A History and Investigation of Excess in Interactive Media

This is a research paper written in the throes before DOOM (2016) released in May of 2016. I sought to understand why, above all others, the video game DOOM is pointed to as the most violent and reprehensible element in interactive media. Written in APA format.


Background: The upcoming release of a new entry to the DOOM franchise of video games has brought back many thoughts in the community of lasting controversies left over from the first game in the series in 1993. This paper seeks to understand why, even in a culture rich with violent media, DOOM is still a stand-out. Methods: Popular television, film, and game franchises are isolated and compared to DOOM in terms of scope, story, and stance as art. Result: DOOM is an interactive experience with which no context is offered, leading the player to inflect his or her own personality to the protagonist. This level of personability makes the actions taken in the game seem to reflect the player’s wishes. Conclusion: In an age where violent media is no longer shocking, it remains shocking when responsibility is handed directly to the player of the game.

DOOM: A History and Investigation of Excess in Interactive Media

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