Sorry for Being Perky

Sorry for Being Perky

Red polo shirt
With a name badge on

I remember the candy bar
And cola you bought
For me

A day late
My seventeenth birthday

And took it to me
In class

I remember wondering

Why celebrate me?
A stranger to you?

I wondered inside

But couldn’t confide
In knowing I didn’t
Know you

I enjoyed the surprise
Lit up in confusion
But didn’t question
Anything out loud

Then we’d catch up
Two years later

And you’re wearing
A uniform
That compliments
Your form

We walked among
A cemetery
Of ancient headstones
And witty carvings

On summer trees
And grave roots

Light will flow
Over the branches
And leaves
To touch the cobblestone

You look
Scandinavian royalty

But these gifts you give
Could be given
To another admirer

I don’t know what
Makes me special
As an outsider

To be able to catch up with you
Outside of work
When we’ve run into each other
Outside the cemetery

Where the graves
Are marked with overgrown

They bury
The famous here
I’ve heard

Yet infamous are we
In our own respects
Enough to inspect
Each headstone
To respect those entombed

But only in memory

Of multicolored
Polo shirts
Shed from separate

Talking about
High school drama

Let’s go eat
And drink those
Unfamiliar nerves in
Return to
Engage some things
Nice enough to gift

A gift I’ll consume
Two years later
In a lot of graves
Aft light from an
Ancient sun

Too much drama
On these stones
Doomed to be
Discussed by

Infamous types

One in a red shirt
And too regal
To be present

And parked in the lot
Belonging to the employ
Is a car with a frankenstein
A black hood
And beat up bumpers

Fit for royalty

Ready for another
To put drama in its grave

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