Oozing Stardust

Oozing Stardust

Tiny red vibrant cutlasses
Pierce olives in cocktails

Rental roller skates
Scuff the slick hardwood

Oil oozes from the surface
Blades slice their way
Through the knots
And dimples

Sticky cigarette smoke cloaks
The floor and burns the neon
Wheels on quad skates
Worn by an urban derby girl

A light bubblegum balm
Contrasts her mocha skin
And Egyptian eyeliner

Hands of a thousand bowlers
And pitcher beer drinkers
And horse race gamblers
Stain the arcade machines
And table tops
When they reach for nachos
And miss the tray
Sitting on top of
Soda cup rings

Coins for the car wash
Across the street
Litter the floor
Beside loose change

Gum is stuck
Beneath every crevasse

Railings cordon off
The floor beneath the
Shiny disco balls
Like a nightclub

DJ beat is groovy

With the “All skate,
Roll bounce,
Under the sun”

With no sun finding its way in
But the sun of a thousand
Light shows bouncing off
A black ceiling

The stardust that oozes down

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