For Ysa

For Ysa

When I first met you
You were a little distant
Now if you asked me for my hand
I would grab yours in an instant

Im taking this chance right now
To tell you how I have felt
The right time never came along
I really hope that Im not wrong

I have enjoyed your company
You are cute and funny
I really like you alot
What about you? Probably not

You picked me up
when i was down
When my best friend
wasnt around
I hope this isnt too late
But I know,
youve already got a date

I just didnt want to leave
Knowing I havent been true
Sometimes feelings can hurt
And mine are almost
Completely doomed

You are the only girl i know
With an intellect of my own
We always think in tandum
Even when we’re random

I guess its my own fault
Never telling you what I thought
Maybe Ive been hurt to much
I wasnt ready to try again

Around you I am nervous
Have no clue just what to do
Then after chatting for a while
I would get up and walk away

This letter is too late
Nothing can change my fate
An opportunity never felt
Another ‘what if’ on my belt

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